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Hex introduces Cabana collection, stylish bags that guard your gadgets


I may be a technological nerd, geeking out over every cool new cutting edge innovation that I read about, but I moonlight as a fashionista. For better or for worse, I’m kind of obsessed with finding interesting and new accessories to wear. Coupled with that, I’m also constantly on the road. For years, I tried to find a bag that would not only protect my laptop or tablet, but that was also stylish. Unfortunately, I continually found myself drifting in a sea of plain black vinyl bags. 

Based on this, you can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon the designs from Hex, particularly their latest Cabana collection. They offer bags that are not only affordable, but also completely stylish. They’re designed so well that most people won’t even realize that the bag you’re toting was strictly designed for protecting your laptop or tablet.

Each bag is designed with a thickly lined sleeve on the inside, perfect for anyone constantly on the move with their mobile devices. The sleeves are sized to protect anything from a small e-reader to a 17-inch laptop. And the best part is, there are styles for just about anyone’s taste. I prefer the tote and the duffel (pictured above), but there are also backpacks, messengers, cross-body, and even just a straight up sleeve to tuck your laptop into.

Also a comfort for travelers, the sections of each bag that store electronics are easy to access, so pulling your device out while going through airport security is insanely easy. Since many of the bags store much more than just a single device, these bags are much more useful, and I can also throw in my wallet, keys, iPod, glasses case, and much more. (As anyone living in a city can attest, carrying a bag at all times is pretty essential.) To boot, prices are affordable, ranging from just $40 to $100.

In addition to bags, Hex also offers stylish iPhone cases, watch bands designed for fitting an iPod nano, and even hard cases that fit right onto your Macbook, offering additional protection and some personality.

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