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HP embraces USB-C with the new Chromebook 14 G5 and Chromebox G2

chromebook 14 G5
With CES just around the corner, HP has introduced a new batch of Chrome systems made for light office and educational work.

The first is the HP Chromebook 14 G5, an updated laptop with options for an HD touchscreen. The second is a bit more unique — the Chromebox G2, which is a desktop computer that runs Chrome OS and has a bit more processing power behind it.

HP Chromebook 14 G5

Key Specs

  • Intel Celeron N3450 or Intel Celeron N3350 processor
  • 8GB of RAM, 16-64GB of storage
  • 14-inch HD or FHD (1080p) display
  • 0.72 inches thin, 3.39 pounds
  • Pricing has not been announced

The new HP Chromebook 14 G5 runs on the updated Intel Celeron N3450 (or N3350) processor. The Celeron CPUs provide enough processing power for the kinds of activities Chromebooks are made for. While storage options might seem oddly sparse at a starting configuration of just 16GB, much of the work that is done in Chrome OS is done with Google’s extensive cloud services. HP also throws in an extra 4GB of RAM (for a total of 8GB) from the previous version to help out with multitasking.

The chassis of this new Chromebook doesn’t strive to compete with something like the Pixelbook, but instead goes for a bulkier build intended to handle the heavier usage of an educational or office setting. HP has still managed to cut down a little bit of the weight from the previous version.

As for the display, you can opt for either a non-touch 720p or a touchscreen 1080p model. Touchscreens have become increasingly more useful with the integration of Android apps in Chrome OS, allowing you to use your favorites from the Google Play ecosystem.

The last upgrade worth mentioning here is the new port options. With the Chromebook 14 G5,  you get two USB-C ports and two USB-A 3.0 ports. HP offers a USB-C dock, as well for legacy accessories, but it’s listed as selling separately.

The Chromebook 14 G5 is expected to be available in February 2018, though pricing has not been announced.

HP Chromebox G2

Key Specs

  • Intel Celeron 3865U, Intel Core i5-7300U, or Intel Core i7-8650U
  • 16GB of RAM, 32-64GB of storage
  • SD card slot
  • 1.48 pounds
  • Pricing has not been announced

The Chromebox G2 is an update of an older HP Chromebox — and looks to be a pretty solid upgrade across the board. The biggest gain is in the CPU department, which has configurations for more powerful 7th-gen Core i5-7300U or 8th-gen Core i7-8650U processors. HP has also greatly expanded the amount of RAM available on its Chromebox. The new system can be configured up to 16GB of RAM, a major jump from the initial 2GB. Only in the recently released Core i7 Pixelbook has this amount of power been seen on a Chrome system.

The design, weight, and overall size of the Chromebox G2 looks very similar to its predecessor, but the port options on the back have changed, with USB-C now being added to the more common desktop selection of USB-A 3.0, HDMI, and an SD card slot.

We can expect to see the Chromebox G2 hit store shelves in April 2018. pricing has not been announced

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