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iBuyPower Project Snowblind PC with transparent LCD available for pre-order

iBUYPOWER Snowblind - Tempered Glass LCD Side Panel Gaming PC!
If there was ever a concern that PC gaming was stagnating, a recent spate of new system announcements and Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to Windows 10 gaming should put such concerns to rest. Not only are there the usual upgraded CPU and GPU cycles underway, but gaming system makers are tossing some real innovation into the mix.

One example is iBuyPower, which makes a complete line of gaming PCs spanning price points from low to high. They have apparently moved on from just offering the highest-end components, however, with new cases that incorporate a transparent LCD display in a side panel, PC Gamer reports.

The idea was first demonstrated in Computex 2016, with Project Snowblind. The new customization option allows for virtually any graphic image to be displayed while still providing a peek inside the case. It utilizes a clear LCD side panel that is made for iBuyPower and it can do more than just show off pretty pictures — usable information like CPU usage can be displayed, making it functional along with being aesthetically pleasing.

According to iBuyPower, “Project Snowblind represents the next leap forward in gaming PC customization. Featuring a tailor-made clear LCD side panel, this PC will showcase your hardware like never before, while allowing you to have virtually any graphic display.”

The technology is also fairly affordable, with a variety of Snowblind systems available. The Snowblind starts at $1,500, the Snowblind Pro runs $1,800, and the Snowblind Extreme fills in at the top with a starting price of $2,500. All of the usual component options are available, including seventh-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, Nvidia Pascal GPUs, and up to 32GB of RAM.

You can customize a new Snowblind system by heading over to the iBuyPower site. The company hopes to ship systems by the end of February, meaning that you won’t have to wait too long for one of the more innovative case accessories we have seen in a while.

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