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Intel’s CEO has great news about Arc Alchemist graphics

Gamers,  there is good news about Intel Arc Alchemist. It comes in the form of reassurances that the Intel Arc A770 graphics cards are basically ready for retail, and they come from none other than Intel’s own CEO, Pat Gelsinger.

“We are now getting first batch of A770 cards ready for retail … excited!” Gelsinger wrote on Twitter, along with a pic of him happily holding a fully assembled and sleek-looking Arc A770 GPU. Although he didn’t set an official release date, it’s looking like Intel is ready to drop these bad boys any day now.

Got a surprise delivery on a rainy Sunday evening from @RajaXG – an Intel Arc A770. We are now getting first batch of A770 cards ready for retail …excited!

— Pat Gelsinger (@PGelsinger) September 19, 2022

The Arc A770 is Intel’s much-anticipated 6nm next-gen graphics card and rumors about its existence have been circulating for more than a year. Today we know a few hard details about it. For instance, we know it runs up to 2.7 GHz at 228W while only reaching 80 degrees (Celsius) on stock coolers. With a few voltage tweaks, it could potentially surpass the 3 GHz mark, although we haven’t seen anyone actually do this.

We also know it comes in a die-cast aluminum frame, making it a gorgeous GPU you can show off in your glass PC tower. It has a vapor chamber and extended heat pipes to help keep temperatures under control. The entire case is completely screwless and has chamfered edges. Also, it has 90 RGB LEDs you can fully customize. This is one heck of a graphics card.

Finally, we know Intel plans to officially announce the new alchemist chipset at its September 27 Innovation event. This is when we expect the company to also drop the much-anticipated 13th-generation Raptor Lake processors.

This is all hot on the heels of AMD’s big Ryzen 7000-series event a little over a month ago, and we’re expecting new Radeon 7000-series GPUs in November. Both Intel and AMD are going places no chip maker has gone before. This is a great time to be a gamer.

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