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Kojima Productions’ new logo movie offers everything we love about videogames

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a digital space whale crashing through the moon’s dusty surface? It’s not exactly clear what’s what and what’s real while you’re watching the new 30-second film that expands on the Kojima Productions’ logo, but in its short running time we get a glimpse of a number of genres of different games, and they’re all exciting.

Kojima Productions was founded by its namesake, Hideo Kojima in the late 1980’s, and helmed development on all of the Metal Gear Solid Games since that time, as well as a few other titles. Since the mid 2000’s it acted as a Konami subsidiary, but most recently it was famously disbanded by the publishing giant, only to be reformed as an independent studio by Kojima,

Since then the newly independent Kojima Productions unveiled its first game: Death Stranding, though we don’t know much about it beyond a creepy debut trailer, with a very realistic looking Norman Reedus.

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Although you might think that a logo doesn’t need its own movie, presumably this is what gamers will see when they first boot up Death Stranding. It shows the character silhouette from the logo in a full working body, planting a flag for the company, but everything else is designed to make us question the reality of what we’re seeing.

For a moment it looks like we’re under water, with a giant monster swimming around us, then it’s clear we’re on an alien world, then it seems like the man in the suit might be dead, only for his face to light up and reveal we are on another planet —  with a space whale diving on top of us.

Oh no wait, that’s actually a digital whale.

Considering how bizarre the Death Stranding trailer (shown below) was, it seems quite fitting that the logo for the company plays with your perceptions. We get the feeling that’s going to happen a lot in the final game.

Death Stranding - Reveal Trailer - E3 2016

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