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This Lenovo charging mat can juice up your laptop wirelessly

Lenovo announced a slew of new accessories to help keep you productive and multitasking while on the go, including a wireless charging mat for Lenovo laptops. Designed for remote workers who may be headed back to the office this fall, the new Lenovo Go-branded line of accessories encompasses portable power devices, wireless input devices, noise canceling headphones, and speakerphones.

But even if you’re not a business executive, one of the most interesting accessories for laptop owners is the Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit, which promises to wirelessly charge a 13- or 14-inch laptop, like the company’s latest ThinkPad X1.

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The Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit includes a mat you can set your laptop on to be recharged.

“Operating on a unique Power by Contact (PbC) technology, it can wirelessly charge typical 13- and 14-inch laptops,” Lenovo said of its latest Go accessory. “Simply plug the mat into a 45- to 65-watt charger and connect the receiver base to a USB Type-C on the laptop.”

Lenovo also makes the distinction that laptops with touchscreens won’t work with the charging kit, so that takes out options like the Yoga 2-in-1s or some configurations of ThinkPads and IdeaPads.

It’s not a truly portable solution like the rest of Lenovo’s Go branded accessories. The mat needs to be plugged in, of course, and one of your USB-C ports will also be taken up by the connector. It’s wireless because there’s no cable between the laptop and the mat.

The wireless charging mat makes it convenient to charge or top off your laptop’s battery while you’re working at your desk without having to plug in a USB-C charging cable. The wireless charging mat could help Lenovo differentiate itself and offer a compelling alternative to MagSafe‘s rumored return on a future version of Apple’s MacBook Pro.

For those who are worried about portable power, there’s a 20,000mAh laptop power bank that can recharge your laptop through the USB-C port. The power bank will be available for $89 when it becomes available in July, while the Wireless Charging Kit will retail for $139 when it lands in October.

New Lenovo Go accessories cover input, audio, power, and even wireless laptop charging.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Lenovo is also expanding its Go-branded input lineup with additional mice and keyboards after having announced its Multi-Device Wireless Mouse previously. The company added a USB-C Wireless Mouse, as well as a Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse with an optimized angle and curvature that’s designed to reduce wrist pressure and forearm strain. And like the gorgeous new Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard, the Wireless Vertical Mouse also features a beautiful cork-accented design that’s said to be easy to clean.

The Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse starts at $59 when it arrives next month, while the USB-C Wireless Mouse will start at $39. The Wireless Vertical Mouse starts at $49 when it launches in August, while the Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard starts at $89 when it launches in October. Lenovo also announced a Go Wireless Numeric Keyboard, which will start at $49 when it launches in October.

For those constantly on conference calls, Lenovo unveiled a number of audio solutions that all work with Microsoft Teams, including the Lenovo Go Wired ANC and Lenovo Go Wireless ANC Headsets. For those preferring portability, there’s the Lenovo Go ANC In-Ear Headphones, which plug into any USB-C port and come with an ambient talk-through mode that’s great for hearing conversations in the office.

The Wired ANC Headset starts at $99 and the Wireless ANC Headset starts at $179. The ANC In-Ear Headphones will retail for $79. All three headphone accessories launch in November.

If you’re looking to ditch the headset for your conference calls, Lenovo also introduced its Go Wired Speakerphone that works with Microsoft’s Teams and comes with two omnidirectional beamforming microphones, which according to company, makes it perfect for relieving your ears from the pressure of constantly wearing a headset. The Wired Speakerphone will retail for $99 when it debuts in October.

There's even a new holder for all your Lenovo Go devices.
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If you’re buying into the Lenovo Go ecosystem, the company announced a neat Tech Accessories Organizer that features compression-molded compartments to store all your Go devices.

The accessories holder starts at $44 when it becomes available in September. And finally, the Lenovo Go Central software that’s installable on your PC will help manage all the settings of your devices, from audio to input.

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