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Logitech G 'Prodigy' accessories are for PC players who don't buy gaming gear

Logitech G has unveiled the “Prodigy” series, a new line of inexpensive PC gaming peripherals meant to appeal to people who play video games on PC, but don’t identify as PC gamers or buy expensive peripherals to maximize their performance.

The Prodigy line comprises four items: the G213 gaming keyboard, G231 gaming headset, and two versions of the G403 gaming mouse — wired and unwired. All four items share a common design philosophy, comfort, and quality. They’ve been designed to convey the advantages that high-quality sensors and switches bring to PC gaming gear, without adding complex options that might turn off players not interested in the highly customizable equipment traditionally pitched to hardcore and competitive gamers.

“We love building products for hardcore gamers, and we’ll never give that up,” said Logitech G Vice President Ujesh Desai. “With the explosion of play across all ages and skill sets, we knew we needed something more. Our new Logitech G Prodigy series gives all gamers access to our best technology. It’s gaming gear made exclusively for everyone.”

The Prodigy G403 mice look fairly simple. Both versions feature six buttons, an ergonomic shape, and rubber grips on the left and right sides. On the inside, however, they sport PMW3366 sensors, the same ones used in many of Logitech’s other high-end mice. The wireless mouse supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and a reported 1ms report rate. Both mice feature a removable 10 gram weight for customizable feel. And of course, the Logitech G logo and light strips can be programmed to flash in any combination of 16.8 million colors using Logitech Gaming Software.

The Prodigy G213 gaming keyboard is a full-sized membrane keyboard. It features all the standards you’d expect from a gaming keyboard: 12 customizable function keys, dedicated media controls, a built-in tapered palm rest, and adjustable feet. As with the mice, it has customizable RGB lights, with five separate zones across the keys for a more complex light show. Though it is not a mechanical keyboard, the keys feature decent travel, particularly when compared to users who typically type on laptops or standard-issue office hardware.

Lastly, the Prodigy G231 gaming headset is a simple device, featuring ear cups with 90 swivel and volume controls on a two-meter cable, as well as common-sense features like removable and washable cloth ear covers.

The G213 keyboard, G231 headset, and the wired G403 gaming mouse will retail for $69.99. The wireless version of the G403 will cost $99.99. All four devices will be available in September.

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