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Logitech’s gaming handheld runs on Android, but looks like a Steam Deck

Recent leaks have showcased the design of an upcoming Logitech handheld gaming device, which is set to be a competitor to popular products, including the Valve Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch.

Industry informant Evan Blass aka @evleaks shared images of the device on Twitter, detailing that the gaming handheld would have a focus on Google Play games, which could suggest Android compatibility. Additionally, the device is expected to stream “games from cloud services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now,” according to Tom’s Hardware.

Logitech, having never had a product leaked before, apparently panicked at the sudden attention and DMCA'ed that gaming handheld.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) August 30, 2022

However, Logitech sent Blass a copyright strike, and the images were ultimately removed from Twitter, but not before they were screen-capped and saved by other publications and enthusiasts.

Logitech announced earlier this month, its plans to collaborate with Tencent Games on a “cloud gaming handheld,” which it plans to launch later this year.

From the leak, we see a white device with dark joysticks, edges, and triggers. The handheld includes an upper joystick and D-pad to the left, and Y, X, B, A buttons and a middle joystick to the right. Currently, other details, such as the dimensions of the device and the size of the display remain unknown; however, some of those details might also leak over time.

Despite Blass’ connecting the handheld to Google Play games, there is also no confirmation as to whether it will run Android as an operating system.

Tom’s Hardware noted that Android smartphones have a solid lock on gaming, as do Windows-run devices such as the Steam Deck or actual video game handle systems like the Nintendo Switch. This makes it difficult to see where a potentially Android-run Logitech gaming handheld that is not a phone might fit into the gaming space.

Whenever Logitech’s handheld releases, it can be certain to have competition from Valve, which recently confirmed in a free booklet that it has future Steam Deck models and SteamOS versions in the works.

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