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Nintendo Switch levels up gaming icon to billion-dollar profits

Not exactly surround sound

For the new Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone, the hits just keep on coming, and we don’t mean the good kind. The latest issue to crop up with the phone is a problem recording decent audio, especially when shooting videos with the phone. According to posts in Pixel XL user forums, audio can sound tinny, drop out completely or be very low quality

And, once again, Google says they are aware of the problem, and they told CNET that a fix is on the way… in the next few weeks. And also, once again, the problem seems limited to the bigger Pixel 2 XL, and not the smaller Pixel 2. So far, it’s been a rough debut for Google’s halo phone.

How much money can you can fit in a Mario Kart?

The good times are back at gaming icon Nintendo, with CNN reporting that the smash hit Switch console should power it to over a billion dollars in profit for the year, which is double what the company predicted just three months ago. It’s been a string of successes lately for Nintendo, which seemed to go into hibernation for a while after the heyday of the Wii systems nearly a decade ago.

But with the Switch, last year’s surprise hit with the NES Classic retro box, the new Super NES Classic rig, and a string of hot games like the new Legend of Zelda update and the VERY new Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo is making some serious bank as they say. In fact, Nintendo says they could ship 50 million Switch systems this year, and it looks like the popularity of the consule is peaking right in time for the holidays. Well done – and well played – Nintendo.

Now we’re all hungry

So, the burning question of the day: does the cheese go on top of the burger patty, or on the bottom? That seems to be the topic of conversation today across the tech sphere as burger emojis from Apple and Google – and others –  battle it out on devices everywhere. No less than Google CEO Sundar Pichai have hopped into the fray, saying with a bit of wink that he’ll drop everything to get to the meat of the problem.

Yep, Google is putting the cheese under the burger pattie while Apple has it in its traditional spot atop the meat, and under the tomato. That seems to be in line with other major tech makers’ emojis, such as Samsung, LG and HTC, which doubles up on the meat, by the way (nice move, HTC).

Hopefully they’ll get this critical tech issues sussed out soon, so they can turn their attention to more pressing problems, such as why Google’s beer emoji is half-empty, but still foamy. See you at the nearest bar, Sundar…

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