Microsoft LifeCam Studio does 1080p HD video

Microsoft has launched its first webcam with a 1080p high-definition image sensor, the new LifeCam Studio, promising users sharper image quality and improved video quality even in low-light conditions. Microsoft is touting the camera as the perfect complement to its forthcoming Windows Live Messenger 2011, which will support 16:9 1080p video calling.

microsoft lifecam studio does 1080p video  sept 2010

“With Windows Live Messenger, customers can now have richer, more meaningful conversations by sharing photos, playing games, and, of course, instant messaging all while video chatting in HD,” said Windows Live Messenger group product manager Michael Chang, in a statement “We are thrilled to deliver HD widescreen video calls with Windows Live Messenger 2011, giving LifeCam users a more vivid and clear image for their video calls.”

Microsoft is touting quality of its 1080p sensor, noting it’s more than twice as large as the typical 720p high-definition sensors on the market, making for better image quality, especially in low-light situations. The new LIfeCam Studio features a tripod thread so the camera can easily be mounted for long-term video captures (for instance, surveillance or setting up your own private aquarium channel), along with a 360-degree viewing range (so the camera can see in any direction without moving a notebook or monitor) and an elongated hood to keep out stray light and flashes.

Microsoft says the LifeCam Studio will be available exclusively from Best Buy later this month at an estimated price of $99.95; online ordering is available now. Windows Live Messenger 2011 will support HD video calling “this fall.”