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Who needs a hard drive? Microsoft offers unlimited OneDrive storage for Office 365 users

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Microsoft came a little late to the cloud storage party, and has since struggled to catch up to veterans like Dropbox, and Google.

But it looks like Redmond just brought an assault rifle to a knife fight.

Unlimited cloud storage is no longer confined to your imagination, and you can live this pipe-dream for only $7 per month. This currently gets you 1TB of storage, along with access to Microsoft Office apps on Windows or Mac OS X.

That’s right, Office 365 subscriptions now come with absolutely no OneDrive storage limits. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Home, Personal, or University customer. Microsoft’s promotion isn’t only offered for a limited time or anything. It doesn’t appear to have any strings attached, or fine print that you should read before moving everything to the cloud either.

This is an all-you-can-store offer like no other. Dropbox and Google don’t come close to what Microsoft boasts.

The former charges $10 a month for 1TB of space, and that’s after a recent plan reshuffle, so we doubt any further discounts or limit boosts are in sight. Meanwhile, the cheapest Google Drive subscription costs $2, and includes a skimpy 100GB.

Add $8 on top of that, and as with Dropbox Pro, you get one lousy TB of storage.

How can you increase your limitations beyond the previously set mark? You can wait for the staggered roll-out to reach you “over the coming months,” as Microsoft says. You can also secure a spot by accessing this link, clicking on the blue “Get on the list” button in the middle of the screen, and following the on-screen instructions. Sign-up should take no more than a minute.

In the meantime, enjoy your dirt-cheap 1TB of cloud storage and Office 365 access. In case you’re not a big Office fan, standalone OneDrive subscriptions continue to cost $2 a month for 100GB, or $4 monthly for 200GB.

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