Mozilla baits Firefox users with sheer cuteness

FirefoxesMozilla’s got a new ploy for your business, and it’s possibly the cutest marketing scheme of all time. The popular browser recently adopted two baby red pands, dubbed “firefoxes,” and will host a live feed of their activity over the next few months.

The clever campaign is a part of Mozilla’s conservation efforts, with the company primarily focusing on reaching out to endangered species. And of course, there’s a tie in: “Just as Mozilla works to build and protect the open Web, we also support the preservation of key natural ecosystems and hope that Firefox Live will raise awareness of the pandas’ threatened status,” its blog reads.

In addition to the 24-hour live cam (we highly suggest you check out the highlight reel), Mozilla is giving viewers the chance to name the cubs. And you don’t have to spend an hour looking at an empty cage for one glance of a red panda tail – Mozilla has provided six different camera angles to choose from.

The only disconcerting part is the “Download for Treats” feature. A sidebar on the site implores visitors to download the Firefox browser “to help the cubs get their next treat.” Worse? It’s been hovering around 50 percent for the last couple of hours.