Major web browsers will support web-based fingerprint, facial authentication

The World Wide Web Consortium said that Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working to incorporate the new WebAuthn standard into their browsers. It's part of a collaboration with FIDO to support biometric authentication.
Virtual Reality

Mozilla announces Firefox Reality, a browser for augmented and virtual reality

Mozilla has announced an upcoming browser, Firefox Reality, that's designed specifically for mixed reality and virtual reality on stand-alone headsets utilizing WebVR and A-Frame to make cross-platform 3D experiences.

You need cookies to make the internet run properly. Here's how to enable them

Browser cookies may not sound like the most appealing aspect of browsing the web, but they're still a necessary component to navigating a wealth of websites nonetheless. Here's how to enable cookies in your browser if you need them.

In the fight to protect your PC and privacy, Firefox is on the front line

Meltdown, Spectre, and Ryzenfall have only added to the pile of security exploits that can impact on our PCs. Dave Camp, Firefox’s Vice President of Engineering, told us how Mozilla’s browser helps defend against these threats.

Mozilla’s Facebook Firefox tool helps keep your browsing habits more private

If you're concerned about Facebook and privacy, then you will want to check out Mozilla's Facebook Container add-on for its Firefox browser, which will limit Facebook's ability to track your browsing activity.

The latest Firefox revs up browsing by stitching more threads into your CPU

A new version of Firefox is out and it promises faster performance due to the way it now renders web pages. The updated browser also provides new ways to take screenshots, including sending grabs to the clipboard.

A sneaky extension for Chrome, Firefox prevents its removal, hijacks browser

Malwarebytes discovered an extension for Chrome and Firefox that prevents its removal and hijacks the browser. It's only installed manually although under tricky circumstances and you can remove it too with a few tricks.

Microsoft once again boasts the Edge browser’s battery life prowess

Microsoft published yet another test showing off Edge's greater efficiency, demonstrating that it beats both Firefox and Chrome in how long it can stream video. Our own testing backs up Microsoft's claim.

Mozilla moves ‘Mr. Robot’ promo app following Firefox user outrage

When an extension was installed on their browsers without permission, many Firefox users were confused and alarmed. Although it was a promotion for Mr. Robot, the stunt caused a backlash. Mozilla has since moved it to the Firefox Add-on…

Not all cookies are safe for munching. Here's how to clear them in your browser

Cookies are useful when it comes to saving your login credentials and other data, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your browsing habits across multiple sites. Here's how to clear cookies in five major browsers.

Firefox reverts to Google search engine, ending deal with Yahoo

As of the Firefox Quantum update, Google is once again the web browser's default search engine, as Mozilla ducks out of its five-year deal with Yahoo two years before it was due to expire.

As Chrome tarnishes, Mozilla is ready to reignite Firefox with Quantum

You may have counted Firefox out of the browser race, but Mozilla has other ideas. The iconic browser is back and better than ever with Firefox Quantum.