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A person uses a tablet with an HP laser printer in an office.

How to clear cookies

Have you noticed your computer is running slower than normal? It might be time to clear the cookies from your browsing history. Here’s how.
A person using 1Password on a MacBook.

How to allow pop-ups on a Mac

A man sits, using a laptop running the Windows 11 operating system.

How to pin a website to the taskbar in Windows

A MacBook owner using Google Sheets.

Here’s why I finally gave up on using Safari on my Mac

A person using a laptop on a desk with a web browser showing the HubSpot marketplace on their screen.

I write about tech for a living — these are the browser extensions I install on every PC

The Arc web browser running on macOS Ventura, showing the tab sidebar on the left.

I tried the trendy new Arc browser — and this one feature blew my mind

Canva in Firefox on a MacBook.

Firefox just got a great new way to protect your privacy

The Quest Pro has great hand-tracking capabilities.

These are the apps that have kept me glued to the Quest Pro

A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

The latest Firefox release redesigns its private browsing feature

A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Firefox just gave you a great reason to ditch Chrome for good

The Firefox iPhone app.

Firefox is falling behind, but I’m not ready to quit it yet

A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Firefox turns 100 as it struggles to make a comeback

A MacBook with Google Chrome loaded.

Switch between tabs in any browser using keyboard shortcuts

Want to save time or find more accessible ways to use your browser? Using keyboard shortcuts to control tabs is a great place to start.
A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Mozilla still has a beef with Windows 11 — here’s why

Microsoft made some changes to the way people can switch default browsers in Windows 11, but Mozilla still has a beef with Microsoft over it.
A MacBook with Google Chrome loaded.

Web browsers are about to face a Y2K-type problem

Get your tinfoil hats and prepare for Y2K 2.0. As Chrome and Firefox prepare for version 100, a software bug could result in many sites not loading properly.
A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Firefox Focus unveils ‘total cookie protection’ for Android

Firefox Focus, a privacy-focused browser, has launched Total Cookie Protection for Android users to prevent unwanted ad targeting and tracking.
A symbol of the Mozilla Firefox logo.

Mozilla’s Firefox browser for Android and iOS gets a revamped homepage

Mozilla's Firefox browser for Android and iOS gets a new and decluttered homepage with items for easy access.
MacOs Big Sur

How to clear cache on your Mac or MacBook

If your browser is loading slowly, it may be because cache files are slowing it down. Here’s how to cleare cache on Mac for the most popular browsers.
Macbook Air (2018) Review

The best browser for Mac in 2022

Which is the best web browser on the Mac? We've pitted the best against each other to find out which option is ideal for your MacOS web-browsing experience.
microsoft surface laptop 4 vs 3 urface peroftability

10 browser extensions to help maximize your productivity

There are thousands of extensions available for web browsers. We've picked out some of the best ones aimed at helping you maximize your productivity.
Mozilla Firefox opened on a desktop.

Firefox gets a massive design overhaul, and it’s gorgeous

Version 89 of Mozilla's web browser is now rolling out, and it delivers a clean new look to take on Chrome with a simplified browsing experience.
stock photo of laptop on desk

The best browsers for privacy

There’s no shortage of browsers to consider, but when choosing one for yourself, it’s important that it fits your privacy needs. These are our favorites.
woman sitting and using laptop

How to enable cookies

Despite your reservations, browser cookies are a necessity for surfing the web. Here's how to enable cookies in your browser, regardless of which one you use.
A photo of Microsoft Edge running on a Windows laptop

Microsoft’s Edge browser is now more popular than Firefox, gaining on Chrome

Microsoft's new Edge browser is on a roll. According to new data out from the firm NetMarketshare, Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular web browser.
storyblocks creative survey generations businessman working from home on laptop  sitting balcony

Firefox for desktop will hide those pesky notification permission pop-ups

Almost everyone who's served a notification permission request on a website declines to accept it. Which makes the pop-up really annoying. With that in mind, Firefox creator Mozilla has decided to act, announcing a version of its browser due for release in January 2020 that will automatically hide the prompts.
Chrome Apps

These 6 popular browser extensions are selling your data

Some popular browser extensions are collecting and selling your data, according to a a new investigation. The extensions in question are Hover Zoom, SpeakIt!, SuperZoom, Helper, FairShare Unlock and PanelMeasurement.
Mozilla Firefox

Firefox’s ad-free premium browser will cost $4.99 a month

Last month, Mozilla revealed that it would offer a paid version of its popular Firefox browser, and now a page on Mozilla's website has more information. It will be charging $4.99 per month for ad-free access to some as yet unnamed journalism websites.
stock photo of Firefox web browser

Paid browsers are the future, and Firefox might offer a better deal than Chrome

An interview with Mozilla CEO Chris Beard by German magazine t3n has revealed that Mozilla, like Google, may be offering premium browsing features. But unlike Google, its method for doing so may be easier for its users to swallow, as it plans on letting free users keep their current services.
mozilla shifts to flexible firefox release schedule symbol hq headquarters building sign

Armagadd-on explained: What Firefox learned when expired certificates made havoc

Every mistake is a learning opportunity, and Firefox shows that it is taking this adage to heart in light of the recent armagadd-on incident. Earlier this month, all of Firefox's add-ons stopped functioning as a result of an expired security certificate, and Firefox detailed what happened in a blog post.
Person surfing the Internet with Microsoft Edge browser.

Who is Microsoft’s new Edge browser for? Probably not you or me

Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser is confusing. Is it for enterprise customers who will benefit from its hooks to Internet Explorer, Microsoft's cloud services, and platform agnosticism? Or is it for consumers who will like its privacy and security features? Probably the former, actually.
mozilla developing kitchen bot firefox donations

Firefox extensions stopped working this morning, but a fix is on the way

Before 12:00 a.m. UTC today, many Firefox users found themselves browsing with their usual extensions. When the clock ran over to midnight, a code certificate expired and caused the glitch, disabling all extensions. A fix for the issue has been created and will be rolled out soon.
firefox 55 adds webvr support

Mozilla rolls out Firefox for iPad with split screen support

firefox send file sharing service is now an android app

Firefox Send file-sharing service is now an Android app

Mozilla has just launched Firefox Send as an Android app. The free service lets you share files of up 2.5GB via a web link that expires after a certain period of time or number of downloads. Firefox Send launched on the web earlier this month before coming to Android on Friday.
firefox chrome back end mozilla symbol hq headquarters building sign convention open source

Firefox 66 is here and it will soon block irritating autoplay videos

Mozilla announced the release of Firefox 66 on Tuesday, March 19, and it is bringing several enhancements to help reduce online browsing irritations. As previously teased in February, the latest version of the browser will soon block autoplaying videos by default and will also help make web page scrolling smoother.