If your data is found on the dark web, Firefox Monitor will let you know

Firefox is finally launching its Firefox Monitor service and you don't have to use the Firefox browser to access it. Monitor scans the dark web to see if your email address has been leaked as part of a past data breach.

Firefox Reality wants to bring the ‘whimsical web’ to VR

Mozilla launched a VR-powered web browser today called Firefox Reality. But just what does browsing the web in VR feel like? We went hands-on with this new browser to see how Mozilla imagines the future of virtual reality content.

Will Chrome remain our favorite web browser with arrival of newest version?

Choosing a web browser for surfing the web can be tough with all the great options available. Here we pit the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi against one another to find the best browsers for most users.

Firefox mobilizes a three-pronged attack against ad-based tracking

The Firefox browser will eventually block ad-based tracking by default. To get there, Mozilla plans to roll out new features over the next several months, such as an ad-blocking component already available in Firefox Nightly.

Delete tracking cookies from your system by following these quick steps

Cookies are useful when it comes to saving your login credentials and other data, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your browsing habits across multiple sites. Here's how to clear cookies in the major browsers.

Firefox’s new Monitor service will let you know if you’ve been hacked

Firefox Monitor will let users of its browsers know if their data has been compromised. The service integrates with Have I Been Pwned to alert users if they've been hacked by checking to see if their email address is part of a data dump.

Mozilla goes all-in on voice commands with its latest browser concept

Mozilla is said to be working on a new type of internet browser that would let you navigate it entirely by using your voice. With vocal commands at its core, the Scout browser could be the best browser for accessibility.

Firefox lets you test new features for side-by-side views and customizing colors

Love Firefox? You might love it even more now that you can open two tabs side by side and customize it with colors. Side View and Colors are currently being offered via Mozilla's Test Pilot program, so why not give them a go?

Mozilla teamed up with a brewery for an open-sourced beer, and we downed a pint

Mozilla and Widmer partnered to create an open-source beer, informed by a survey of beer drinkers' tastes. The result, OpenSourcery, is a drinkable American IPA typical of the style, and it's just the beginning,

Firefox 60 is the first browser to support password-free internet logins

The latest version of Firefox is out, and with it arrives support for the WebAuthn standard. This allows you to log into web accounts without a password. The drawback, for now, is a need for a physical security key.

Firefox to take another crack at putting ads in new browser tabs

Mozilla is having another go at incorporating ads into its Firefox browser. They'll appear as personalized sponsored links when a user opens a new tab, and will add a new revenue stream alongside search contracts and donations.

Pinning websites to your taskbar is as easy as following these quick steps

Would you like to know how to pin a website to the taskbar in Windows 10 in order to use browser links like apps? Whichever browser you're using, it's easier than you might think. Here's how to get it done.

Major web browsers will support web-based fingerprint, facial authentication

The World Wide Web Consortium said that Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are working to incorporate the new WebAuthn standard into their browsers. It's part of a collaboration with FIDO to support biometric authentication.
Virtual Reality

Mozilla announces Firefox Reality, a browser for augmented and virtual reality

Mozilla has announced an upcoming browser, Firefox Reality, that's designed specifically for mixed reality and virtual reality on stand-alone headsets utilizing WebVR and A-Frame to make cross-platform 3D experiences.

You need cookies to make the internet run properly. Here's how to enable them

Browser cookies may not sound like the most appealing aspect of browsing the web, but they're still a necessary component to navigating a wealth of websites nonetheless. Here's how to enable cookies in your browser if you need them.

In the fight to protect your PC and privacy, Firefox is on the front line

Meltdown, Spectre, and Ryzenfall have only added to the pile of security exploits that can impact on our PCs. Dave Camp, Firefox’s Vice President of Engineering, told us how Mozilla’s browser helps defend against these threats.

Mozilla’s Facebook Firefox tool helps keep your browsing habits more private

If you're concerned about Facebook and privacy, then you will want to check out Mozilla's Facebook Container add-on for its Firefox browser, which will limit Facebook's ability to track your browsing activity.

The latest Firefox revs up browsing by stitching more threads into your CPU

A new version of Firefox is out and it promises faster performance due to the way it now renders web pages. The updated browser also provides new ways to take screenshots, including sending grabs to the clipboard.