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MSI’s new gaming laptop knows how to make eye contact

msi brings eye tracking tech to latest gaming notebook nb gt72 tobii photo01
Watch out: The new MSI GT72S G Tobii knows where you’re looking, thanks to proprietary eye-tracking technology from Tobii — making it the world’s first gaming notebook to sport such a feature, the company claims.

MSI calls it the world’s most advanced gaming laptop, which sounds a tad hyperbolic to our ears. Nevertheless, the tech is neat: The GT72S G Tobii utilizes eye-tracking technology in-game to let you switch between targets, select objects, or pause gameplay using Tobii’s “triple dual lens near-IR illuminators,” which makes it possible to track eye movements regardless of surrounding lighting conditions.

“The GT72S G Tobii adds another dimension to gaming and provides a level of interaction and immersion never experienced before,” said MSI Pan America President Andy Tung. “Our eyes will no longer be passive players, they will now direct, command and transport us into the future of PC gaming.”

Keeping in mind the dedicated base of streamers on Twitch, MSI’s latest notebook integrates Tobii by including eye-tracking overlays into streams while notably boasting support for XSplit Gamecaster.

“Tobii and MSI are blazing a new path in gaming and driving the growth of eye-tracking technology by creating new experiences and thinking outside of the box,” Tobii Tech President Oscar Werner proclaims. “We encourage and support forward-thinking developers in their mission to create new experiences for not only gaming, but streaming and general computing.”

The GT72S G Tobii is compatibile with both Windows 10 and Windows Hello, meaning you can log in to the PC with your face, ith no more than a 15-second configuration process — obviating all those silly passwords you’ve been wasting brain space on. Alternately, you can use the eye-tracking tech to highlight, select, or even delete items with a simple glance or zoom and center maps without the need for traditional mouse/keyboard scrolling.

Spec-wise, you can expect a Skylake i7 processor, GeForce GTX 980M graphics card, a backlit SteelSeries keyboard, Nahimic sound technology, and more.

The MSI GT72S G Tobii, bundled with Tom Clancy’s The Division, is available now for $2,600. Its eye-tracking component supports a modest lineup of games, like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, ArmA III, and Elite Dangerous. The complete catalog of supported titles can be found here.

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