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We just got our first look of the Surface Studio 3’s new accessories

Rumors suggest Microsoft’s Surface Studio 3 might be coming soon, and recently leaked photos suggest it might not be long now. Nothing has been officially announced yet but photos have leaked of what appears to be a new Surface Pen, Keyboard, and Mouse.

The leaked photo appeared in a tweet from Zac Bowden, revealing high-resolution photos that show accessories that look both old and new at the same time. The new Surface Pen’s style is quite reminiscent of the stylus Microsoft introduced alongside the Surface Pro 3, including a shirt clip made of a wire loop. Microsoft has a soft spot for Clippy, the iconic paperclip mascot, perhaps inspiring the look of the pen clip.

Here's a first look at the refreshed Surface Keyboard and Surface Pen, which I assume are being updated for the upcoming Surface Studio 3 this fall

— Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) August 31, 2022

Moving on to the supposedly new Surface Mouse, it appears quite basic with a vertical scroll wheel and two buttons that are seamlessly integrated into the body of the mouse. It’s retro styling again here.

The Surface Keyboard, however, might be getting a redesign. Based on the leaked photo, Microsoft seems to be rethinking the special function keys. A microphone icon appears on the F1 key, providing a quicker way to start a voice search or activate dictation. That shifts several other commonly used keys to the right, so get ready to build new muscle memory.

New Surface accessories always raise the question of whether use with multiple devices will be possible. It’s not unusual to have a need to shift from a Surface Studio to a tablet or a laptop and being able to repurpose your keyboard and mouse would definitely add extra value.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is a great art station.
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

The new accessories herald the Surface Studio 3, which is highly anticipated. Microsoft didn’t stay on the two-year update schedule initially set for this unique all-in-one computer. The Surface Studio 2 launched in 2018 and the original was introduced in 2016. It’s now been four years and fans of this high-end art station are eager for a new model.

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