New Chrome Experiment converts any website into a playable 3D maze

world wide maze

Hooray! More Chrome Experiment games! We were so enamored by Super Sync Sports last time that the prospect of a new Chrome game just weeks after meant it had to be just as cool. This time around,Google’s newest game, World Wide Maze, will let you Google any website and transform the layout into a 3D playground. Meanwhile, you’ll need a Chrome-enabled mobile device to use as an external controller. 

The syncing process is similar to Super Sync Sports. All the player has to do is type in the Chrome game URL on their mobile phone, enter a six-digit passcode to connect it to their PC, and they are ready to game. You play as shiny marble who has to run around the Web space, collecting blue target gems and their little fragments. You also have 300 seconds per turn to do it, and if you don’t complete the task after three lives, the game is over.

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The controls are more difficult than SSS, but it’s also more animated. The game takes advantage of a mobile device’s accelerometer by forcing players to physically tilt the controller to get the marble rolling, with occasional taps on the Power and Jump buttons to perform necessary actions. I found myself yelling and shaking my Nexus 7 until the marble turned around due to a slight lag. While the graphics aren’t as smooth as SSS, the fact that you can play on virtually any website is pretty awesome. If you can stomach the initial frustrations and be patient enough to finish a whole round, World Wide Maze should keep you entertained until the next Chrome Experiment. For the bitter gamers out there, now would be a good opportunity roll a ball all over your enemy’s face by using their profile’s URL.

World Wide Maze is available now on both iOS and Androids running version 4.0 and later.

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