New Corsair Carbide Series SPEC cases are aimed at penny-pinching PC builders

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Building a PC but working with a tight budget? Corsair’s new line of Carbide Series SPEC cases offer builders just enough of a framework with which to build a powerful rig, while managing to add in some visual flair and simultaneously keeping costs significantly low.

Though all three Carbide Series SPEC cases are priced way south of $100, their black paintjobs, windowed side panels, front-mounted red LED fans (at least one per case) and radiator-like front panels offer just enough eye candy for the price. The Corsair Carbide Series SPEC cases will include three models: SPEC-01, SPEC-02 and SPEC-03.

The $49.99 Spec-01 has one front-facing USB 3.0 port, six drive bays — two 5.25 inchers and four interchangeable 2.5/3.5 inch bays, seven expansion slots, and five 120mm fan mounts — two oriented at the front front, two up top, and one in the rear.

Meanwhile, the $59.99 SPEC-02 and SPEC-03 add a second USB 3.0 port to the front panel, as well as room for a bottom-facing 120mm mount. Unlike the SPEC-01, the 02 and 03’s top panel fan mounts are compatible with 120mm along with 140mm spinners. Both the Spec-02 and 03 also have a trio of dedicated 3.5-inch drive bays, a pair of 2.5-bays, and two 5.25-inch bays, as opposed to shared bays like what’s found on the SPEC-01.

Though the differences between the SPEC-02 and SPEC-03 are minor, we wonder why they’re priced exactly the same. We reached out to Corsair for comment, and we’ll update this story accordingly if we receive a response.