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Newegg listing leaks clock speed details of AMD’s Radeon RX 480

newegg leaks rx 480 clock speed visiontek480
You do have to love it when retailers jump the gun on new hardware listings, as it gives us our best insight yet into what the hardware will look like on the surface and under the hood. That happened this week with Newegg, where it sent a Visiontek RX 480 4GB listing live way before the intended June 29 launch date.

Newegg quickly realised its mistake and pulled the listing from its store, but of course one of the internet’s speedy-fingered denizens got there first and screen capped the page, saving the specifications and other details in all their glory.

Although this is an AMD partner card, and therefore perhaps not indicative of what a stock RX 480 4GB will be like, all of the specifications listed line up with what we already know about the card. The only bit of new data is the clock speeds. These may or may not be the stock clocks. They could be overclocked, but the card’s sales pitch makes no mention of it.

The clock speed for the core was listed at 1,120MHz, boosting up to 1,266Mhz when needed. As PCPer points out, this equates roughly to the five teraflop mark that AMD said the 4GB version of the card would put out.

Whether this clock speed works out as the clock speed for all of the stock-clocked RX 480s, or if this is an example of an overclocked version, doesn’t matter too much at this point. The RX 480 is set to release in seven days – so we will find out for sure before long.

Although no price was listed for this “out of stock” part on the Newegg page, we know that the RX 480 4GB will eventually come in at $200, with its 8GB brother a little bit more.

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