North Korea suspected in Sony cyber attack

Sony suffered a massive data breach last week, shutting down its servers and reportedly exposing tons of sensitive company information. And the driving factor behind that hack might’ve been a joke.

Sony’s “The Interview,” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is set to open next month and centers around a talk show host and his producer setting out to assassinate Kim Jong-Un. This failed to amuse the country’s leadership.

The theory that the hack might’ve come from North Korea’s government was reported by Re/code, which says Sony and security agencies are looking into “the theory that the hack may have been carried out by third parties operating out of China on North Korea’s behalf.”

North Korea has previously voiced displeasure over the film, saying its release would be an “act of war.” Sony later chose to tone down portions of the film.

While North Korea’s conventional military prowess is lacking, the country has shown strength in cyber warfare.

It’s been suspected in several attacks against South Korea over the last few years.

“We are strongly encouraging North Korea to immediately stop its indiscrete cyber terrors such as hacking our private financial firms’ computer networks,” said South Korean Unification Ministry spokeswoman Lee Jong-joo.

According to The New York Times, Sony officials are still trying to find the source of the hack. All Sony systems should be back online by Monday.

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