Cybersecurity isn’t what it used to be. Breaches and leaks, once rare and relatively low-impact, have become commonplace, rendering our personal data more vulnerable than ever. Everything from your Social Security number to your health information now lives online, and though it may prove difficult to avoid such attacks, staying up to date on the latest news and security practices is the first step in prevention. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up all our news, guides, and cybersecurity coverage in one central location.

Is somebody watching you? How to stop apps from tracking your location

If you don't like the idea of your every movement being tracked by apps on the phone in your pocket, then you may want to turn location tracking off. Here's how.
Location tracking on Android and iOS

How to improve your Android privacy

If you have an Android device and you’re concerned about your privacy, then we have a few tips for you. Learn about the settings you can change to improve your Android privacy and safeguard your personal data.
florida court phone passwords android lock screen password

How to change your Outlook password

Keep your Outlook email account locked up with a strong password. Here's how to change your Outlook password.

What is Incognito Mode?

what is incognito mode

The best free antivirus software for 2020

Malware generally isn't fun to find on your PC. These are our picks for the best free antivirus software.
best free antivirus