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Hands on a laptop.

Massive ‘Blueleaks’ trove of law enforcement documents leaked

Thousands of U.S. police documents were leaked to the public in what’s being called “BlueLeaks” on Juneteenth. The data could contain private information.
hacked smart appliances legitimate concerns feature panasonic microvawe  2 min

Should you worry about hacked smart home appliances?

As smart appliances continue to evolve, the potential for them to be hacked becomes greater. We spoke with a cybersecurity expert who sheds light on the risks.
Former Vice President Joe Biden

Foreign hackers targeted Trump and Biden campaign Gmail accounts, Google says

Hackers from Iran and China have targeted the presidential campaigns of both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to Google. 
insecure flu cybersecurity hospital computer

Hackers are stepping up attacks on health care facilities and researchers

February to March 2020 saw almost a 50% increase in the number of cyberattacks on health care systems and hospitals in the U.S. The Red Cross says "no more."
coronavirus taiwan asia technology success science researcher getty

The FBI accuses China of trying to steal U.S. coronavirus vaccine research

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security accused China of attempting to steal coronavirus vaccine research from the U.S. and urged researchers to be wary.
Hands on a laptop.

Hackers are trying to sell a haul of more than 73 million user records

A hacking group is trying to sell user data from online services including dating app Zoosk, printing service Chatbooks, and food delivery service Home Chef.
smart home defense against hackers photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

Without a firewall, the door to your smart home is left wide open

Your smart home could be hacked, but you wouldn't even know it. Protect your all your devices against them with a hardware firewall.
man working from home

‘A staggering problem’: Working from home could lead to massive data leaks

Working from home is far less secure than companies think it is, especially when few companies had plans in place to move their workforces online, experts say.
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Attacks from Chinese hacking group have spiked, U.S. firm says

Attempted cyberattacks from a sophisticated Chinese hacking group have spiked since late January, according to cybersecurity firm FireEye Inc.
dashlane privacy protection deal

Protect your privacy with Dashlane password manager, and how to sign up

It's important to take cybersecurity seriously and Dashlane will keep your information safe. We have an exclusive coupon code that will make it a bargain.
malwarebytes laptop

Hackers try to disrupt Health and Human Services Department’s COVID-19 efforts

No data was taken from Sunday's cyberattack, but false information about a national quarantine quickly spread throughout the internet as a result of the hack.
Wyze smart home lock on a door.

Yes, China is probably watching us through our IoT devices

There's a good chance that if it was built in China, your IoT smart home gadget is likely sending some kind of info to China. Thing is, it's mostly innocuous.
Ring Indoor Cam Cover on table

Ring’s new Indoor Cam Cover doesn’t fix the real problem

Hackers won't be able to see into homes with this new add-on, but it's not the perfect solution to address all of the problems around privacy and security.
Walgreens App

Walgreens mobile app leaked some customers’ personal data

Walgreens is contacting affected customers after an error with its app exposed confidential information that included names, addresses, and prescription info.
Ring Stick Up Camera

Why are hackers snooping on smart home security cameras? I asked an ex-hacker

Ring's security cameras have made news due to a series of hacks. What do hackers gain by hacking such cameras? We spoke with a security expert to find out.
twitter suspends british journalists account over criticism of nbc

Twitter says state-backed attackers may have nabbed phone numbers

Twitter recently shut down a large network of fake accounts that may have been attempting to match a huge number of generated phone numbers to other accounts.
Nintendo Switch review

Nintendo Switch hacker faces jail time and a hefty fine

A hacker who leaked details linked to the 2017 launch of the Nintendo Switch will soon be heading to jail. Despite receiving a warning from the FBI about his hacking activities, California resident Ryan Hernandez continued to target the Japanese gaming giant, leading to his arrest.
The NFL's Daniel Sorensen tries to tackle Darren Waller

NFL: Multiple teams’ social media accounts targeted by hackers

Hackers targeted the social media accounts of 15 NFL teams on Sunday and Monday. Those responsible swapped out the accounts’ profile pictures and headers or deleted them entirely. They also posted ads for their own cybersecurity services, as well as other more mischievous messages announcing player sales.
Cellebrite Hacking Tools

À la carte phone hacking is scary, but it’s better than a government backdoor

Law enforcement says it's easier than ever to break into a person's phone, even as the government continues to demand encryption backdoors. But a private company hacking your phone is still better than your government having full access, say ex-NSA and ex-CIA analysts.
How to allow pop-ups on a Mac

Apple Safari flaw left users’ browsing activity open to being tracked

Apple recently fixed a serious security flaw with its Safari browser after being alerted to it by Google. The vulnerability, if exploited, would've enabled third parties to gather “sensitive private information about the user’s browsing habits,” Google said this week. Apple fixed the issue soon after learning of it.
Microsoft Surface Go Hands-on

Microsoft reveals a security breach of an internal customer support database

Microsoft recently revealed that an internal customer support database experienced a security breach last year which may have exposed the data of certain customers. Most customers weren’t affected by the breach and those that were will be notified by the technology company.
Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’ phone allegedly hacked by Saudi crown prince’s WhatsApp message

New evidence suggests that data from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ phone was hacked in 2018 by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. An encrypted message sent by Salman’s number via WhatsApp most likely contained a malicious video file that was able to infiltrate Bezos’ phone and much of his data. 
iphone x in hand

Trump wants a backdoor into your iPhone. So do muggers, experts say

The U.S. government is once again asking Apple to decrypt the phone of a terrorist, and Apple is again refusing. But if the government were to get its way and Apple added a backdoor for authorities, experts say it would quickly be used by thieves and lead to an increase in muggings.
worlds largest retail currency dealer hit by ransomware attack travelex

Hackers demand $6M from largest retail currency dealer in ransomware attack

Travelex, the world's largest retail currency dealer, has been targeted in a ransomware attack, with hackers reportedly demanding a payment of $6 million so the company can regain control of its systems. They’re also threatening to publish customer data if Travelex fails to pay the ransom.
Qassem Soleimani

Should you be afraid of an Iranian cyberattack? The answer is complicated

The good news is Iran likely won’t target ordinary Americans. The bad news is the Qassem Soleimani assassination carries more political weight than the Bin Laden raid. Any cyberattacks that will be carried out will be the beginning, not the end, of an Iranian offensive against the U.S.
google xiaomi camera privacy bug home 1

Here’s yet another reason to be worried about your smart home camera

Google has cut off Xiaomi security cameras’ Nest and Assistant integration after a user was inadvertently shown feed images from strangers’ homes. The issue was first spotted by a Reddit user who, when tried to stream his camera’s feed on a Nest Hub, saw stills from random people’s homes.
ring stick up camera review cam

Ring and Amazon slammed with a federal lawsuit over failed camera security

Ring and Amazon have come under federal scrutiny after an Alabama resident accused the companies of negligent security practices. Ring and Amazon face a class-action lawsuit after hackers took control of devices. The plaintiff claims damages are owed after an "implied breach of contract" and an "invasion of privacy."

A Twitter bug could use your phone number to expose personal information

A security researcher has revealed that it's possible to find phone numbers and match them to Twitter usernames, a security flaw that could leave millions of people's accounts exposed. The researcher said he'd already found the phone numbers of several high-profile users and politicians.

Cyberattack forces 38,000 students to physically stand in line for new passwords

A university in Germany is handing out new email passwords printed on pieces of paper to its 38,000 students after its servers were hit by hackers. Students are being asked to line up outside the university gym to collect their new passwords in a process that could take five days to complete.
unpopular social media sites that are still around unsplash

Here are the 10 worst passwords of 2019, and a few tips on creating better ones

It’s tempting to create an easy password for your online accounts. But simply relying on your pet’s name or 123456 is risky. But doing so is still very common. In fact, cybersecurity company SplashData just released its list of the top 100 worst passwords of 2019. Are your passwords on it?
road rave the best cities for self driving cars new orleans aerial

New Orleans targeted by ransomware attack, forced to shut down city network

The city of New Orleans has been the target of a cyberattack which lead to city officials shutting down the city's network and declaring a state of emergency, as reported by Forbes. This follows a number of high-profile attacks against city infrastructure in the U.S.
The Google Nest Hub Max in use.

First smart TVs, now your smart home can be compromised, FBI warns

Following recent warnings about Smart TV security, a new statement released by the FBI warns owners of smart home systems that their connected devices might be leaving them vulnerable to hackers. They offer a list of steps to help beef up your cybersecurity practices.
A person using a laptop at a desk.

More than 750,000 U.S. birth certificate applications exposed online

Applying for a copy of a birth certificate involves submitting plenty of personal information that you'd expect the recipient to properly safeguard. But a company dealing with the applications in the U.S. has left more than 750,000 of the forms exposed online, it was revealed this week.
ads windows 10 lock screen features users wanted added v2

How to control the ads you see online

Learn how to control the ads you see online with our ad settings guides. If you're tired of ad targeting, ads following you around online, or seeing just lots of ads that you'd rather not see, there are key settings you can change to make a difference. We'll go over Google, Facebook, and Ad Blockers to show how they can help!