Maya Shwayder

Maya Shwayder

I'm a multimedia journalist currently based in New England. I previously worked for DW News/Deutsche Welle as an anchor and on-air correspondent, based in Berlin and the US East Coast, where I covered politics, culture, and everything in between. I've reported on the attacks in Charlottesville, North Carolina, Hurricane Florence, ​the Detroit Auto Show, the immigrant experience in the US and in Germany, and much more.

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Trump wants a backdoor into your iPhone. So do muggers, experts say

If the U.S. government were to get its way and be granted a backdoor into people's phones, the likelihood of street crime and muggings would exponentially increase, experts say.

Ring’s defense of recent hacks is as shoddy as its security, lawyer claims

Lawyers representing Ring hacking victims said their clients used unique passwords that could not have been taken from anywhere else.

Microsoft will release a fix for major Windows vulnerability found by the NSA

You may want to update all your Microsoft-related software ASAP. The National Security Agency alerted Microsoft that there’s a major flaw in the Windows operating system.

Apple rejects U.S. Attorney General request to unlock another phone

The question of security backdoors and law enforcement's access to our data looms large again

A talking Tesla? It’ll probably just be one more broken promise from Elon Musk

Announcing new Tesla features with delayed follow-through, or none at all, has a bit of a pattern for Musk. Here are a few more of his broken promises.

Why a deepfake ban won’t solve Facebook’s real problems

Facebook leaves a large loophole in its deepfake policy for satire and parody. But if tit is serious about combating misinformation, deepfakes are not where they should be focusing, experts say.