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Maya Shwayder

Maya Shwayder

Former Digital Trends Contributor

I'm a multimedia journalist currently based in New England. I previously worked for DW News/Deutsche Welle as an anchor and on-air correspondent, based in Berlin and the US East Coast, where I covered politics, culture, and everything in between. I've reported on the attacks in Charlottesville, North Carolina, Hurricane Florence, ​the Detroit Auto Show, the immigrant experience in the US and in Germany, and much more.

A student on a laptop.

As college resumes, students protest against invasive proctoring apps

COVID has forced schools to figure out how to do everything, including administering tests, remotely. This has led to privacy complications and student revolt.
Child sitting watching TV in a dark room

Streaming services are the ‘Wild West’ for political ads, report finds

Streaming services are the 'Wild West' for political ads, a new report found, involving little fact checking and reactive policies about misinformation.
Public Library sign

Thanks to libraries, remote tribes are finally getting online

Out on native reservations where internet access is scarce, six tribal libraries pooled resources to build out their communities' broadband networks.
fbi say banned hacker actually commandeered a plane united airlines

Why posting photos of your boarding pass is a terrible idea

You may want to show off, but stop posting your boarding passes online. It's turning you into an easy target for hackers and indentity thieves.
15 best things to buy with the amazon gift card you got for christmas razer basilisk gaming mouse  1

Razer may have leaked your personal information

A faulty Elasticsearch database exposed addresses, emails, and phone numbers. The security researcher who first found the bug said the company was hard to work with.
Tik Tok app

Scammers find a new target: Teens on TikTok

Scams promising fast, easy money or fake diet pills have proliferated. Tik Tok's audience skews especially young, leaving them particularly vulnerable.
Deepfake President Donald Trump and former president Barack Obama

Microsoft announces new software to combat deepfakes

Microsoft announced new "Video Authentication" software to detect fake media.
The Facebook home page on a screen.

Facebook removes network of Russian misinformation groups

Facebook took down around 13 pages associated with the Internet Research Agency that were created to point people toward a left-leaning fake news site.
contact tracing app covidwise home screen

Apple and Google to help states create COVID contact tracing apps

Apple and Google are creating a new software framework that states can use to more easily create COVID-19 contact-tracing apps.
facebook hacked

Targeted Facebook ads are about to lose a big audience: iPhone owners

In allowing users to opt out of being tracked around the web, Apple might be doing what the advertising boycott against Facebook could not.
offerup letgo merger users mad offerup2

OfferUp and Letgo merged today, and users are furious about it

In a surprise move, the two online marketplace platforms announced they would combine, leaving sellers and buyers stranded with no access to former Letgo accounts.
collage of facial recognition faces

This ‘pay-by-face’ system could be the future of your wallet

In Pasadena, California, identity authentication company PopID has begun rolling out new face-pay kiosks to more than 25 restaurants and retailers.
tiktok logo next to trump

TikTok sues Trump administration to block pending ban

TikTok has filed a lawsuit to block the Trump Administration's executive order banning it from operating its business in the U.S..
broadband rural access native tribal v2

Affordable broadband out of reach for most tribal reservations in the U.S.

A new study shows that only 33 percent of people living in tribal ZIP codes have affordable broadband, compared with 51 percent of the rest of the population.
USPS mail trucks

USPS’ blockchain patent won’t solve our mail-in voting problems, experts say

The USPS filed a patent to create a system of mail-in voting that would involve blockchain security. Sounds fancy, but it's not a silver bullet, experts say.
Glossier product

‘Outta the Gloss’ movement is taking the shine out of Glossier

Social media giveth and social media taketh away: An Instagram movement aimed at Glossier, a brand that built itself up on social media, threatens to topple it.
Styled Graphic featuring Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai

The Big Tech coalition probably can’t save the election. But it’s a start

Big Tech is banding together to have talks with government agencies about election security. But it may be too little too late.
facebook hacked

How Boogaloo groups persist and proliferate on Facebook, despite crackdown

Since Facebook announced a ban, more than 100 new groups affiliated with this far-right movement have formed. A report says they can evade Facebook's censors.

YouTube permanently bans white nationalist channel VDARE

The latest in a string of far-right forums that have been banned from social media, the channel was a big promoter of white nationalist rhetoric and ideas.
Tik Tok app

TikTok beware: Legacy tech owners can spell trouble for trendy sites

Some of the most popular platforms suffered massive devaluations, stagnation, or even death when big legacy companies purchased them.
Tik Tok app

ByteDance CEO confirms U.S. will force TikTok sale

Addressing employees, the CEO of ByteDance said a U.S. entity told it to divest from Tik Tok. Security questions have long swirled around the Chinese company.
facebook hacked

And the brands played on: How the Facebook ad boycott fizzled out

Despite a reported 1,000 advertisers taking ads off the platform, including major names, Facebook largely shrugged in the face of this boycott.
Styled Graphic featuring Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai

Big Tech CEOs’ showdown with Congress: The antitrust hearing that wasn’t

All eyes were on Capitol Hill to see if Congress could muster up the focus to press Big Tech CEOs on their monopolistic practices. They couldn't do it.
mark zuckerberg thinking

Facebook ad boycotters to Congress: Don’t let Zuckerberg off easy

Activists behind July's advertiser boycott of Facebook want Congress to grill CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the social network's control of the ad market.
Jeff Bezos

Small business owners call on Congress to grill Amazon’s Bezos

Activists want Congress to call out Amazon’s monopoly in the online retail space. CEO Jeff Bezos is scheduled to testify before the House on July 27.
A hacker inputting code into a system.

10 years after Stuxnet, the most powerful cyberweapon is now social media

Stuxnet was scary for its level of sophistication and targeting, but cost-prohibitive to develop. Bad actors can now lean on a more efficient tool: Facebook.
A student wearing a face mask

Harvard’s remote learning plans leave some students struggling

Some Harvard students are struggling with poor internet connections, unsafe homes, and more as classes remain online this fall due to the coronavirus pandemic.
TikTok phone hero image

Should you delete TikTok? Only if you’re also going to delete Facebook

Despite security concerns about TikTok, experts say that TikTok's privacy policies are no more or less invasive when compared with other social media apps.
protestor holding yellow umbrella in front of police in hong kong

WhatsApp will halt processing of Hong Kong police requests for user data

China's controversial National Security Law, which has raised the hackles of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, seems to also have given WhatsApp pause.
The Amazon fulfillment center in Shakopee, Minnesota

Amazon warehouse workers say $500 coronavirus bonus is a joke

They compared it to the $1,200 checks that the Trump administration sent Americans: it's not nothing, but it also isn't going to help with risking their lives every day.
mark zuckerberg speaking

Stop Hate for Profit, the Facebook ad boycott, starts today. Will it stick?

Facebook is an advertising behemoth, but experts say the point of a monthlong protest is to help brands reexamine whether they actually need the company at all.
blockchain beyond bitcoin voters cast their ballots on election da

Hackers say voting machines are vulnerable. But that’s not the real problem

While a lot of attention has been focused on the vulnerability of voting machines, the more imminent danger is the electronic infrastructure around elections.
could ai based surveillance predict crime before it happens us technology artificial intelligence

Experts: Facial recognition will be everywhere, whether you like it or not

Facial recognition could soon become as commonplace as public Wi-Fi and security cameras. But with the advance of technology comes major ethical questions.
Trump in front of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey stylized image

Social media giants finally treat Trump like the rest of us

Twitter’s move to flag President Trump's tweets may have given Big Tech the cover it needed to do what they want to do. Is tech finally taking Trump seriously?