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Now’s your chance to get McAfee Total Protection for up to $100 off

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These days, even just a small lapse in judgment online can result in some serious repercussions. From having your accounts hacked or money stolen to your total identity taken over by nefarious actors, there’s a lot that could happen and so much to manage. You need a reliable tool that can help protect all of these facets of your digital life, but also one that’s not going to empty your wallet so soon after the holidays. And so we come to an excellent solution, McAfee’s Total Protection suite. It includes a premium antivirus, identity protection service, and a secure VPN for browsing the web safely and anonymously.

Want to know the best part? McAfee is offering up to $100 off Total Protection right now, and it’s the perfect time to bolster your cybersecurity. We’ll dig into how it all works in more detail below, but you should also know that comes with multi-device compatibility and protection for your family — a year’s subscription offers coverage for up to 10 devices, or an unlimited number of devices for a premium, it’s your choice.

What does “total protection” mean? Simply put, you’ll get complete protection for your personal info, privacy, and digital presence. With an active subscription to McAfee Total Protection, you’re given access to three major tools, or components, which cover pretty much everything you’d ever need. The antivirus protects your devices from viruses and nasty code. The VPN offers a secure connection while browsing, from any device, to keep your data and activities safe and private, including shopping. Finally, McAfee’s tailored identity protection and restoration assistance can monitor up to 10 email addresses for suspicious activity and help you ‘actively’ protect your accounts and data by offering you a personalized protection score.

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McAfee’s identity protection service will monitor your personal accounts and send out notifications if something is awry, up to 10 months ahead of any other comparable services. That gives you plenty of time to take action, secure your accounts, protect your identity and financials, and keep everything safe. It will keep tabs on over 60 types of personal info, and the support team will provide assistance whenever needed, guiding you to a more secure and private identity. You also get peace of mind thanks to up to $1 million in ID theft coverage.

If it’s just you, there are coverage options that fit your needs, including support for each of your devices. If you need protection for your family, that’s an option, as well. McAfee’s Total Protection will keep laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a host of devices secure, especially thanks to the VPN and secure connection. If you’re not familiar with a VPN, or virtual private network, it masks your IP address and secures your connection while browsing online.

Normally $130 for McAfee Total Protection 10 Device, you can get up to $100 off the first year — for new customers — thanks to the current promotion. That’s the best value option, and it will protect up to 10 devices. You can also choose Plus, which offers multi-device protection, and Individual which will secure one device. Whatever you do, don’t sleep on this offer, it won’t be around for long, it’s an amazing discount, but more importantly, it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family while online.

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Browse safely and save up to $80 with McAfee’s Total Protection holiday sale
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Have you been following the news lately? It seems like there’s a new cyberattack threat or credit card breach every week. Protecting yourself from cyber criminals, viruses, and identity theft is no easy task, but it can be done with the help of anti-virus software. Think of it this way -- if you don’t currently have some sort of protection on your phone, tablet, computer, you’re basically leaving the door open for anyone looking to do some cyber burgling on your iOS devices. Important information about yourself is stored on your devices and constantly at risk, which is why so many people choose to protect themselves with anti-malware software that protect against viruses. And with this awesome sale on award-winning McAfee Total Protection, now is a great time to do so.

McAfee Total Protection is more than just antivirus software, it’s an all-encompassing cybersecurity package. This $110 year subscription of software protection is only $30 until December 29th. As a user of this virus protection software you will be able to keep your passwords and private files safe. McAfee uses a powerful firewall, Network Manager, as well as a Web Safety tool, enabling you to browse freely without fear of getting infected by malicious entities on the web. The addition of Wi-Fi protection for Android tablets and smartphones will safeguard you if you’re browsing the internet from anywhere within your home network. With McAfee you also receive free 24/7 support for the life of your subscription if you need any questions answered about how you’re being protected.

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