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Secure your PC with McAfee Antivirus for $10 this Black Friday

What price do you put on keeping your computer safe from viruses? How about $10? That’s how much McAfee AntiVirus costs right now as part of the Best Buy Black Friday deals and there’s never been a better time to keep your computer secure for less.

McAfee AntiVirus is normally priced at $40 but right now, you can buy it for just $10 at Best Buy. That works out at a savings of 75% off the usual price. If you don’t already have anti-virus protection for your PC, there’s simply no reason to not snatch it up now. Think of it this way — it’s peace of mind for a whole year for basically the price of two coffees.

For $10, you get one year’s worth of McAfee AntiVirus protection for one device. That might be a little limiting if you want to protect a whole network of systems at home but it’s the ideal starting point if you simply need to keep an eye on your family PC. For more extensive protection, you may wish to consider McAfee Total Protection instead, especially if you’re looking for a small business solution.

McAfee AntiVirus is super simple to use. The software regularly keeps an eye out for any potential threats on your PC, including viruses, malware, and spyware. It also helps you avoid opening risky websites, links or files, before you get too deep into trouble, cutting off any issues at the source. It’s simple to set up manual scans or leave the software to do its own thing, meaning it’s ideal for both novice and advanced users alike. In the past, antivirus software may have slowed down aging PCs but McAfee AntiVirus has been designed in a way that means it has a small system footprint ensuring your PC performance is untouched at all times. It’ll even digitally ‘shred’ your documents ensuring no one can ever access them again.

Simple to use but with a lot of functionality, McAfee AntiVirus is a great starting point for most home setups. Just bear in mind that this is a physical copy so you’ll have to go in-store to collect it rather than simply download a product key from Best Buy.

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