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keepass master password plain text vulnerability open padlock cybersecurity

Hackers may have stolen the master key to another password manager

KeePass is a popular password manager, but it is vulnerable to a newly discovered exploit that could let hackers steal your master password in plain text.
A person using a laptop with a set of code seen on the display.

Hackers are using a devious new trick to infect your devices

Two new website domain name extensions have just been launched, and hackers are already abusing them to trick people into downloading malicious files.
A dark mystery hand typing on a laptop computer at night.

Microsoft just gave you a new way to stay safe from viruses

Password-protected viruses have long been a tactic for hackers to evade detection, but Microsoft has just unleashed a new way of putting them to the sword.
A render of an Intel Core HX chip.

A massive data breach has left Intel scrambling for solutions

MSI suffered a major data breach, but it's not the only company impacted -- all Intel users may be at risk.
A person using a laptop on a desk with a web browser showing the HubSpot marketplace on their screen.

This clever browser extension could banish viruses for good

Staying safe online can sometimes be a hassle, but a new browser extension could protect you from malware without interrupting your day or slowing things down.
An Illustration shows a programmer busy with a laptop and several monitors.

FBI disables Russian malware operation targeting foreign governments

The FBI has successfully disrupted a malware operation that allowed Russian spies to steal sensitive information from foreign governments over many years.
A person using the 1Password password manager on a laptop while sat on a couch.

No, 1Password wasn’t hacked – here’s what really happened

1Password users recently got a worrying alert saying their password manager Secret Keys had been changed behind their backs. Yet all was not what it seemed.
Person sitting and using an HP computer with Windows 11.

Your Windows 11 screenshots may not be as private as you thought

Windows 11's default screenshot app, the Snipping Tool, has a bug that can leave portions of your cropped screenshots intact and recoverable.
Illustration of a giant eye stalking through a phone

These Android apps are spying on you — and there’s no easy way to stop them

Recent research has uncovered just how dangerous and easily accessible spyware apps are. These apps are a ticking privacy time bomb with little recourse.
An Illustration shows a programmer busy with a laptop and several monitors.

Akamai foils massive DDoS attack in Asia that reached 900Gbps

The largest DDoS attack in the Asia-Pacific region has just been mitigated before it could cause any serious damage. Here's what happened.
Office computer with login asking for password and username.

If you use this free password manager, your passwords might be at risk

Researchers just found a new, potentially dangerous flaw within Bitwarden, an open-source password manager.
A close-up of a MacBook illuminated under neon lights.

This devious scam app proves that Macs aren’t bulletproof

Do you download pirated apps on your Mac? Be careful, as new research shows infected apps can hijack your Mac to mine cryptocurrencies virtually undetected.
Twilio Authy 2FA app running on an iPhone.

SMS 2FA is insecure and bad — use these 5 great authenticator apps instead

You should be utilizing two-factor authentication on your accounts whenever possible. These apps help you secure your accounts with ease.
A physical lock placed on a keyboard to represent a locked keyboard.

This major Apple bug could let hackers steal your photos and wipe your device

Hackers have found a way to break into your Apple device and steal your photos, access your camera, and even wipe your device’s contents. Update it now.
A hand holding AMD's Ryzen 9 7950X3D processor.

AMD Ryzen Master has a bug that can let someone take full control of your PC

A dangerous vulnerability was found in AMD's Ryzen Master software. If you're using it, you should act quickly.
An illustration of a grid of devices with one in red, infected device highlighted.

Hackers used 30,000 computers for record-breaking DDoS attack

With just 30,000 bots, hackers managed to launch the larger DDoS attack ever recorded, the latest in an ever-growing challenge to content delivery networks.
The ChatGPT name next to an OpenAI logo on a black and white background.

Experts fear ChatGPT will soon be used in devastating cyberattacks

ChatGPT is changing the world, but some IT leaders are worried about its malicious misuse in massive cyberattacks -- some of which may already be underway.
The LastPass logo appears in front of a menacing hooded figure.

Hackers dug deep in the massive LastPass security breach

The November LastPass cybersecurity breach was worse than previously reported and hackers stole data from several other GoTo products and services.
A person holds a mobile phone with the PayPal app open.

If you use PayPal, your personal data may have been compromised

PayPal has recently suffered a massive data breach that might have left tens of thousands of users at risk of identity theft.
A credit card is passed from one person to another.

Hackers stole $1.5 million using credit card data bought on the dark web

A criminal network worthy of a movie managed to steal over $1 million from thousands of credit cards posted on the dark web.
Vivo V23 Pro photo of a post box.

Brits told not to mail anything abroad after cyber incident

A cyber incident has prompted the U.K.’s Royal Mail to ask the nation’s 67 million citizens not to send anything overseas for the time being.
Apple advanced data protection.

What Apple’s iCloud encryption update really means — and why you should care

You will soon be able to protect your sensitive iCloud data with end-to-end encryption. That's a huge upgrade and finally justifies Apple's tall privacy claims.
global internet usage one zettabyte computer server room information cloud web net

This free service just hit a huge website security milestone

A major milestone has been reached in website security thanks to free certificates provided by a little-known non-profit organization called Let's Encrypt.
An Illustration shows a programmer busy with a laptop and several monitors.

Hackers’ Cyber Monday deals will be unbelievably good

Beware the deal that looks to good to be true because hackers know you're eager for big discounts on great products, the perfect recipe for a scam.
GPS map data from an Apple Watch Ultra and the Apple Watch Series 8 shown on an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone SE 2022.

Why GPS is critical to your smartphone — and desperately needs an overhaul

You probably use GPS on your phone every single day. The tech is important, highly flexible, and very prone to cybersecurity attacks.
padlock on keyboard

Hacker ranks explode — here’s how you can protect yourself

Microsoft's Digital Defense report warns of a wave of new hackers and cybersecurity threats and tells you how to stop them.
a faceless hacker in a black hoodie in front of a computer screen with lines of code on it

Hackers sink to new low by stealing Discord accounts in ransomware attacks

AXLocker is a new ransomware attack that not only encrypts your files -- it also attempts to steal your Discord account, giving you 48 hours to respond.
The power key on the side of the iPhone 14 Plus.

Your iPhone may be collecting more personal data than you realize

How secure is your iPhone? According to security researchers, it may be collecting more personal information than you think.
Google Chrome icon in mac dock.

Half of Google Chrome extensions may be collecting your personal data

Data risk management company Incogni has found that half of every installed Google Chrome extension have a high to very high risk of collecting personal data.
Person sitting and using an HP computer with Windows 11.

Update Windows now — Microsoft just fixed several dangerous exploits

Microsoft has just fixed a whole lot of dangerous vulnerabilities as part of its latest Windows patch.
A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

This Chrome extension lets hackers remotely seize your PC

Malicious extensions on Google Chrome are being used by hackers remotely in an effort to steal sensitive information.
Professor Ali Abedi flying Wi-Peep standing against brick wall.

This Wi-Fi security flaw could let drones track devices through walls

A research team from University of Waterloo has attached a device to a drone that can uses vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks to see through walls.
A black fedora rests on top of newspapers infected with spreading green lines..

Hackers are infiltrating news websites to spread malware

The latest cybersecurity attack takes advantage of your trust in news sites and your browser to trick you into downloading malware.
Apple Seurity Research website has resources for bug bounty hunters.

Apple Security Research website launches to protect your Mac

Apple is making it easier to research security flaws in macOS and iOS with its new website, which also serves as a reporting hub and information resource.