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Android 7.0 update to hit Nvidia Shield Tablets in next few weeks

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Nvidia has assured owners of the Shield Tablet that it will be updating them to Android Nougat, the 7.0 release of the operating system. This update will apply to both the Shield Tablet and Tablet K1, and follows an earlier update for the Shield TV set-top box.

Although Android is most often associated with smartphones and tablets, it’s an operating system that has found wide usage in a variety of products. From miniature games consoles to streaming devices, Android is a very commonplace OS, but that does mean that not all devices are running the absolute latest version at all times.

Nvidia’s Shield Tablets are still part of that pack. While the newly announced Shield will come with version 7.0 of Android, the Nougat update, as standard, older hardware has yet to see any form of update.

However, according to an official Nvidia spokesperson, that won’t be the case for much longer. In a thread where Shield Tablet users were hoping to find out about the status of any impending updates for the tablets, software QA Manual Guzman responded with an affirmative.

“Yes Android N is coming to the Nvidia Shield Tablet and Nvidia Shield Tablet K1,” he said in a forum post (via AndroidPolice). This was backed up by a statement on the company’s Google+ page which suggested the update would arrive in a few weeks time.

This news was received with much positivity by other posters, who were happy to see that Nvidia was continuing to support its older hardware standards, despite plans to release newer Shield devices. Some did wonder, though, whether this OS update might fix outstanding issues with battery life on some Shield Tablets.

Unfortunately there was no response to those concerns. Do any of you who own Shield Tablets have ongoing issues with battery life?

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