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Oculus is spreading out its fingers with 30 new games for Touch

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As more VR headsets find their way into gamers’ homes, the higher demand grows for impressive, engaging titles. Oculus is responding by assuring early adopters that there will be 30 Touch-compatible games by the end of 2016, 20 of which are built specifically for the new controllers.

Some of them are games that we already knew were making their way to Touch, like Rock Band VR and Giant Cop. Others are familiar HTC Vive titles like Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. Some lesser known titles have also popped up, like Luna, a puzzle-based storytelling game, or I Expect You To Die, which places player in an increasingly dangerous situations and forces them to survive.

Also making the list are games like Crytek’s The Climb, which is already available for Rift, but will receive the upgrade to Touch-compatible later in the year.

From those 30 games, four are coming to Oculus first, although not all of them before the end of the year. Wilson’s Heart lines up actors like Rosario Dawson and Peter Weller with a psychological horror backdrop, which has you reaching, picking up, and smashing the world around you. Ripcoil pits players against each other in a deadly game of catch, while Killing Floor: Incursion turns the anger outward toward a horde of zombies. Superhot VR, the wildly anticipated virtual reality version of the game, will also be a part of the Oculus family at launch.

In addition to new games for the brand’s upcoming motion controllers, Oculus announced new partnerships with gaming PC brands. HP added an Omen desktop with an Intel Core i7-6700 and an R9 390X, and Lenovo’s Ideacentre Y700, powered by an Intel Core i5-6600 with a GTX 970. Alienware also rolled out three new Auroras with choice of i5 and i7 processors with GTX 970 and 980 graphics.

Along with the PC side of the Oculus equation, it was also announced at E3 that the Gear VR store has over 300 apps and experiences.

The only question that remains for the Touch controllers is when? And how much? The blog post detailing the new games didn’t share any hard dates or price, but did suggest there would be more info in the fall.

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