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This HP Omen gaming laptop is down to its lowest price ever

A press photo of the white HP Omen Transcend 16.

These days, when we think of getting a gaming laptop, we almost assume that we’re going to have to spend at least a couple of thousand or somewhat close to that mark. And that’s pretty consistent across all of the best gaming laptops of the era. It isn’t that we ignore budget gaming laptops altogether, of course, but they don’t get much love overall. This mid-range laptop (now at its all time low price with a $500 discount) will turn your head with its trend-bucking prowess, though. The HP Omen Transcend 16, usually $1,600, is now only $1,100. The kicker? It has an RTX 4050. So, tap the button below to pick yours up today. Should you need more info, however, you can always keep on reading.

Why you should buy the HP Omen Transcend 16

In proper storytelling you’re supposed to leave some info after the fold to give the reader a shock and a twist. But there’s no need to tease here. The stat line on this laptop is amazing for the price. This is the laptop to buy if you want an RTX 4050, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage for just $1,100.

To put this even further into perspective, compare with the cheapest (at the time of this writing) deal over at Best Buy on a laptop with a 4050. The is on sale for just $750, with a similar stat line, but comes with a 144Hz at 1080p screen. The Omen Transcend? 165Hz at 1200p, and upgradeable to 240Hz at 1600p for just $70 more. In other words, the HP Omen Transcend 16 gives us the eye-catching RTX flash but doesn’t skimp on the details that make it worthwhile.

Let’s summarize that one final time. RTX 4050 plus good screen, $500 down — to $1,100 from $1,600. If these essentials sound good to you — and it is all about the essentials here — then go ahead and tap the button below to find the laptop. Be sure to choose between the white and black color figurations via the colored circles to get what you like! Should you be looking for something with different features, more RAM, or even a 4090, maybe you’ll have better luck in our wider collection of gaming laptop deals.

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