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Microsoft details its latest OneDrive desktop sync client update

Microsoft has detailed its recent update to the OneDrive desktop sync client for Mac and Windows. Users don’t have to do anything to receive the update, it should be applied automatically if you already have the latest version of the sync client installed on your computer.

The biggest addition is the activity center, a control panel that offers status updates on any sync processes that are currently in progress, as well as details of any recent activity. The activity center is accessible via the OneDrive icon in the system tray on Windows, and via the Finder icon on MacOS.

Users can now sync SharePoint sites to their OneDrive, making it easy to access them across a wide variety of devices. This functionality is still being perfected as part of a public preview as of the latest update to the OneDrive desktop sync client, but Microsoft hopes to make it widely available in January.

The update also makes it easier to decide exactly which systems your OneDrive will sync with. The process can be restricted to only domain joined or workplace joined devices, or even set up to be contingent on the health of the computer in question.

Microsoft also announced the release of a stand-alone OneDrive sync client for Macs. Apparently the company had observed a recent upswing in the amount of Mac users utilizing the client, but many attempted enterprise deployments were being prevented because the software was only available via the App Store.

On the other hand, the stand-alone version offers all the functionality OneDrive users would expect without any ties to the App Store. The installer and full notes on all the new features coming to the OneDrive desktop sync client can be found in the announcement post on the Microsoft Tech Community blog.

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