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1Password set to be the first password manager for HoloLens

password1 version designed for hololens 1password
This year’s crop of VR and AR hardware is already prompting a variety of software releases aimed at early adopters — but not all the content created for these groundbreaking devices is comprised of tech demos and video games. Password manager utility 1Password is set to be the first app of its kind to be released for the HoloLens.

On the surface, 1Password might not seem like the most obvious piece of software to take advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft’s new headset. It offers a relatively straightforward service, providing access to all of a user’s different accounts via one all-encompassing password.

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However, HoloLens isn’t just about flashy experiences and novel gimmicks — in fact, at Microsoft’s recent Build event, the hardware seemed to be more tool than toy. And utilities like 1Password are an important element of differentiating the headset from more gaming-oriented devices like the Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Meanwhile, the developers of 1Password can brag about being first past the post on a new piece of tech, as a tweet from the app’s official Twitter account did just yesterday. Given the constant security concerns of modern computing, password managers are an easy sell, and new hardware lends an opportunity for extra exposure.

While 1Password might not sound like a showcase for this type of tech, there’s no doubt that a horde of users are looking forward to seeing standard tasks undergo significant changes thanks to this new hardware. The computer interfaces we saw in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report over a decade ago are still an attractive concept for many.

However, there’s currently no word on the release date of 1Password for HoloLens, according to a report from WinBeta. Based on the screenshots already shared by its developers and their confidence in being the first such utility to hit the device, all signs point toward the app launching sooner rather than later.

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