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Pornhub blesses the world with free VR smut

As if there was ever any doubt, the adult entertainment industry is very excited about virtual reality. None more so at the moment than online purveyor of free grot, Pornhub, which has taken the (probably skimpy) covers off a new VR category on its website. The big news here is that unlike other adult-orientated VR sites, it’s completely free. Pornhub’s doing the dirty with the help of BaDoinkVR, which operates its own video streaming platform, and has an established pay-monthly VR video site of its own.

To watch the in-your-face naughtiness, you’ll need some kind of VR viewer. The site recommends Google Cardboard or Oculus Rift, and Samsung’s Gear VR will also work — which means there will be a lot very happy Galaxy S7 owners out there. Alternatively, the 360-degree videos can also be enjoyed through your browser, just by dragging the video screen around just like you would on YouTube or Facebook’s 360 videos.

Pornhub realizes that not everyone is fully prepared for the wonders of close-up VR smut, so has a massive stack of 10,000 Cardboard-style VR headsets to give away. You’ll have to register to get a free pair, but with an estimated 60 million visitors to the website every day, the headsets on offer may not last very long. Unlike the male talent in many of Pornhub’s videos.

While we may have a chuckle at the thought of VR porn, the fact Pornhub has added a category so early in VR’s lifetime is very interesting. Until now, the only legal way to watch VR adult video was by paying for it, but now it can be seen for free. That’s a significant shift, and it’s one that’s happened well before virtual reality has entered mainstream consciousness. That’s going to change over the coming year, and now we can all sleep happily knowing that just like many of our first experiences on the Internet, a lot of people’s first VR experiences will also be watching something rude.

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