Puget Systems offers to give their Windows 8 systems a Windows 7-like look and feel

Windows 8.1

Custom PC builder Puget Systems is apparently well aware of the fact that many people have yet to warm up to Windows 8. With that in mind, Puget offers its customers the option to tweak Windows 8 and make it function and feel like its more popular cousin, Windows 7.

Puget systems offers something called Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7 to re-skin Windows 8.  With Windows 8 Makeover: Emulate Windows 7, Windows 8 boots directly to the desktop mode,  a start button is added, and the OS uses desktop apps by default when possible. At its core, this tool consists of an existing app called Classic Shell.

Perhaps best of all, the service is free for anyone who buys a PC with Windows 8 installed, should they choose to check off the box asking Puget to load their rig with Windows 8 Makeover. It’s worth noting that, with a little bit of technical know how, users can definitely tap into most of these tricks on their own rigs. On top of that, you can also configure your Puget Systems PC with Windows 7, should you prefer the real thing.

Of course, there’s more than one way to tweak Windows 8. Feel free to check out our guide on how to make Windows 8 look and feel more like Windows 7.

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