Feeling slighted by traditional media, Toronto mayor Rob Ford starts his own online show

rob ford brother going online show

Just in case he hasn’t starred in enough viral videos to last a lifetime, crack-smoking Toronto mayor Tom Ford is going to make sure he never fades from public memory with a new online show. He hopes to bring Ford straight to the people. 

The show, called “Ford Nation,” will be an hour-long talk show hosted by Ford and his brother, where they will talk about Ford’s views and campaign promises. According to an article in AP, Ford believes the media hasn’t presented him in a fair light so he is going to take this as an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Though this sounds like an awesome place to watch one of Ford’s classic break downs, he claims that he has stopped drinking and is getting clean. This means less cussing and uncomfortable confessions and more talk of actual issues, in other words less of what you actually like about Ford.

Ford isn’t the first politician to try to connect to his constituents using the Internet and he won’t be the last. Some will use it wisely, and others will crash and burn, but it will be interesting to see if “Ford Nation” will get him reelected or turn into another regret.