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Isku+ Force FX and Kone redesigns dominate at Roccat's CES 2017 booth

Keeping ahead of the competition in the PC gaming peripheral space is no easy task. Introducing new, world beating, underlying technologies is hard, but that doesn’t mean some aren’t going to try. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Roccat has debuted a new optical sensor and pressure sensitive keys to help bolster its already strong line up of mice and keyboards.

The first major technology Roccat wants to show off is its Owl-Eye optical sensor, which is a Pixart 3361 design modified specifically for Roccat. Said to offer a 1:1 translation accuracy between mouse and cursor movement on screen, with a sensitivity that reaches 12,000 DPI if required, it can be adjusted in increments of 100 DPI at a time.

This sensor will be used in new Roccat mouse designs, including: the Leadr, a zero-lag, low-latency, wireless gaming mouse that comes complete with charging dock and top-up cable; the Kone EMP, which has the traditional ergonomics of the Roccat Kone, but adds in the Owl-Eye sensor for improved accuracy, offering high-end performance for gamers with larger hands; and the Kone Pure 2017, for those who prefer smaller, lighter mice. Weighing in at just 88g the Kone Pure is a real, streamlined alternative and now comes complete with the Owl-Eye sensor, too.

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Along with mousing developments, Roccat also has some new keyboard technology at its CES 2017 booth. Known as Force FX, it allows for subtlety and nuance on a gaming keyboard. In Roccat’s words: “By employing a special chemical layer which modifies electrical conductivity beneath the QWEASD keyzone, [Roccat] engineers have found a way to allow pressure-sensitive input on a rubberdome keyboard.”

Essentially this allows supporting boards to provide multiple levels of actuation, just as analog sticks or triggers do. We have seen this sort of technology before, but only on mechanical switches and even then, it is very rare. Roccat’s Force FX system will be first implemented into its Isku+ design, which sports rubberdome keys.

The Force FX keys will only be implemented in the QWEASD zone, but that will provide extra functionality for all sorts of gamers, especially FPS and RPG. Walking instead of running may never need additional key presses again!

The Isku+ Force FX will come with all of the original features, including: five macro keys, RGB backlighting, 1,000 Hz polling rate, and support for Roccat’s Easy Shift and Swarm technologies. With no expected change to the retail price, it should cost $100 when it becomes available in the near future.

Anyone looking to try out any of the new technologies and products that Roccat has on show can do so at the dedicated Roccat booth at CES 2017.

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