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The Wooting one mechanical analog keyboard can replace your controller

Gamers are finicky about their peripherals, especially when it comes to control. Manufacturers are constantly tinkering with controllers, mice, and keyboards to offer players the best functionality. When it comes to the latter, backlit keys with millions of color combinations, on-the-fly macro recording, programmable keys, and anti-ghosting protection are just some of the available features. We are well into the digital age, but one company wants to throw things back to the days of analog with its mechanical keyboard.

The Wooting one from Dutch manufacturer Wooting is described as “the first tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with analog input for precise control in games.” The company says that it can replace your controller for all analog movement. The key feature (no pun intended) is its ability to read exactly how far down you are pressing on a key for analog input. This should lead to greater precision in all types of in-game movement and action.

When it comes to action games, the Wooting on allows you to carefully peek around corners to avoid getting hit with enemy fire. When you are on the attack, you can strafe at whatever speed is needed and line up your shots accurately. Sidle up to your enemy without alerting him and confidently traverse narrow ledges.

If racing is your thing, the keyboard lets you take control over throttle, steering and breaking. Weather taking a sharp turn or navigating a chicane, you should have more control. Drift with abandon or take some time to attempt some normal Sunday driving and blend in with the NPCs.

Modders will be happy to know about the included software that allows customizable analog functions for each game. You can also program your own analog functions.

The Wooting one features a tenkeyless keyboard, that is, the number pad has been removed. This allows better left- and right-hand functionality. The function buttons are easily accessible with your right hand, since your left will usually be covering the WASD keys.

A smaller footprint improves portability, which means you can bring it with you to tournaments, LAN gatherings, and more. The backlit keys can be customized to your favorite RGB color, and a detachable braided cable can be replaced with your own Micro USB cable, which can also be tucked into the cable gutter. The removable top plate can be swapped in for one with another color.

Wooting answered some questions in a recent Reddit thread. We learned that the QWER, ASDF, CTRL, SHIFT, CAPSLOCK, SPACEBAR and arrow keys (16 keys in total) will be analogue enabled, and the switch can currently register 256 states. A mode key will allow you to switch between typing and gaming modes. The company is aiming for a “midrange price” when the product is released.

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