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Albert Khoury

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Al started his career at a downtown Manhattan publisher, and has since worked with digital and print publications. He's always been passionate for all things on wheels, and remains adamant about the purity of the manual transmission. When he’s not at his desk, Al enjoys playing guitar, boxing, jogging in Central Park, and terrorizing the public on his skateboard.

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The motorcycle Arnold stole in ‘Terminator 2’ sold for nearly $500K

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy ridden by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 went up for auction in early June, selling for nearly half a million dollars. The bike was used in some of the most iconic scenes from the film.

Mount this head-up display to your helmet to project any phone app

The Hudway Sight uses a projector and brain connected to your smartphone to project any app onto a head-up display lens. It can even integrate with augmented reality apps to improve your ride.
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Section of the Death Star from ‘A New Hope’ takes a proton torpedo at auction

A screen-used section of the Death Star from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope just sold at auction. It included letters from the ILM employees who worked on it. It was expected to sell for six figures, but did not come close.

Waze on iPhone just landed on your Ford’s infotainment screen

iOS users can now project Waze from their iPhones to their Ford vehicle's infotainment screen and get all the benefits from the navigation app, including traffic, road hazards, cheap fuel prices, and more.

At $25,000 per month, this supercar has the most expensive car lease ever

At $25K per month -- after a $700K down payment -- the Pagani Huayra Roadster claims the spot as the most expensive new car lease in history. It turns out there are many benfits to leasing over buying or financing.

HBO bringing back award-winning comedy series ‘Silicon Valley’ for sixth season

HBO is bringing back its award-winning tech comedy series Silicon Valley for a sixth season. This follows the recent debut of the show's fifth season, which is already receiving positive reviews.