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These smart outdoor living products make it easier to grill and chill

Companion Group smart outdoor living products-Soundbeam
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The Companion Group is introducing CC Sync, a new line of smart outdoor living products. In a press release, the company cites a study conducted in 2016 by Kelton Global that found that eight in ten Americans “either own or have interest in smart home devices.” The report also stated that 38 percent of respondents had more interest in connected home products at the time they took the survey than they did six months earlier. The main reason for this increased attraction? Greater convenience.

Another study from the same year at the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute found that people in many focus groups were considering “buying the devices in the near future.”

“We are a company that has always innovated, so CC Sync makes sense for us. The backyard really opens up a lot of opportunities for smart products to shine,” Companion Group CEO Chuck Adams said.

So once you have your smart alarm clocks, fridges, thermostats, washing machines, and lighting systems inside the house, the next logical step is to bring that technology and convenience to the great outdoors, right? The California-based Companion Group has a couple of gadgets to make this a reality.

Companion outdoor living products Q-TechThe CC Sync line includes the Q-Tech Bluetooth Thermometer as well as the Soundbeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker. The Companion Group has plans to introduce more items to create new as well as serve existing outdoor smart grilling fans.

The SoundBeam Grill Light with Bluetooth Speaker does exactly what the name implies. You can listen to your jams while illuminating the grill. The light is adjustable and attaches to your rig with a clamp. You can connect your Apple or Android device to it via Bluetooth, and it will even allow you to accept or decline incoming calls while connected to your phone.

The Q-Tech Bluetooth Thermometer has customizable timers and temperature ranges in addition to 11 presets for beef, pork, and poultry, among other foods. It has an 80-foot range when paired to your smartphone. A 26-inch cable connects the probe to the base, so you should have more than enough slack to reach around your grill. The Q-Tech monitors the internal temperature of your food and sends you an alert when it’s done.

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