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Sharp home appliance lineup at IFA includes washer that auto-dispenses detergent

Sharp home appliances kitchen
Continuing to boost its arsenal of home appliances, electronics giant Sharp has released a variety of products ranging from a dishwasher that can wash your dishes in under 20 minutes to a washing machine that dispenses your laundry detergent for you. The products combine technology and hardware and have all kinds of bells and whistles built in. From air purifiers to washing machines, here’s a rundown of Sharp home appliances the Japanese electronics manufacturer has put on the floor this weekend at Berlin’s IFA 2017.

Eco Dishwasher

Sharp homes appliances dishwasher and oven

Having a party and need clean dishes in a hurry? Sharp promises that the new Champion Eco Dishwasher will wash a load of dishes in as little as 18 minutes while using just 5.5 liters of water. That’s 30 percent more efficient than other top-rated dishwashers, according to Sharp. Its StemSafe basket protects valuable china and delicate glass pieces while its AquaGlide technology reaches the interior of mugs and glasses. The machine uses recycled water from your last load and adjusts the water and energy consumption levels based on the number of dishes inside.

Washing Machine

Ever forget to add laundry detergent while doing laundry? Finally, a washing machine that holds and dispenses more than one dosage of detergent and softener at a time. Sharp’s IntelliDos washing machine automatically distributes both detergent and softener for up to 20 washes. The feature alerts you when you need to refill for the next 20 washes. It can also customize the amount of water and detergent necessary for each load based on size. Washing your clothes can be done in as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on your needs. Have a nasty wine spill at dinner? It also targets 22 different types of common stains, including oil blots and dirt.


Under its Grand Top brand, Sharp is rolling out three designer refrigerators, including 600-, 550- and 510-liter capacity sizes, all in the trendy black-glass finish. Freezers on the new models have a capacity of up to 178 liters, depending on which size you choose. The Grand Top models offer a couple of cooling options in the form of a two-way design of its top fridge compartment, which can serve as a colder room when the compartment door is pulled down. Portable ice makers come with the fridge, fitting in the freezer door and making ice cubes that you can twist off. Plus, the devices are eco-friendly.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Ever get your vacuum stuck in one of those tight corners only to struggle to dislodge it? Sharp says that the new 25.2-volt cordless vacuum cleaner remedies those types of issues when cleaning, as well as tangling, clunkiness and mediocre cleaning technology.

The 25.2 volt can spin 360 degrees in the tightest of spaces, and it’s equipped with lithium ion batteries that power the vacuum cleaner for 60 minutes on a full charge. The company says that the device’s versatility is its strongest feature, cleaning carpets, wooden floors and baseboards with LED headlights to detect hidden spots. Its small size makes it easy to store on most shelves in your home. The bagless device also has handheld capabilities with the click of a button.

Food Prep Machine

It’s hard to get the ball rolling on dinner if you’re tired from a day at work, as food preparation can sometimes take more time than the actual cooking. Sharp’s kitchen machine might be able to help you out on that front with a variety of food prep options Try the potato mashing, mixture baking and meat mincing settings depending on the outcome you want to achieve. The appliance features a 4.7-liter bowl powered by a 1000-watt engine that can make toppings, sides and pasta from scratch. Use the device’s settings to determine how dense you want to make your dish and you’re set.


Food prep is only half the battle when it comes to putting dinner on the table. Sharp’s AirStream oven is different from Sharp’s LoveToCook oven in that it has five different cooking shelves that can hold your entrees with your desserts without making your chicken pot pie taste like your brownies or vice-versa. A double-fan structure and side vents help distribute heat evenly across the interior, which has a 78-liter capacity. You can choose from one of the oven’s 10 cooking options, all while reducing preheat times by as much as 50 percent with its Boost functionality.

Breakfast Bar Series

sharp home appliances coffee

In a hurry in the morning? Squeeze the most out of your time with a Sharp kettle, toaster and coffee machine. The 1.7-liter kettle comes with seven settings designed to make different types of tea while the toaster carries two thick slots with various temperature options that will heat any type of bread. The filter coffee machine has six settings as well, allowing you to adjust the strength of your coffee thanks to a 900-watt machine that holds 1.8 liters of warm, morning brew.


The size of your family (or the size of the parties you have) will help you determine if you’d like a 600 ml or 800 ml blender. Fruit and veggie smoothies, protein drinks and milkshakes are all within a button’s reach. Pasta sauces and homemade falafels are just a few things you can make with these blenders, which come in three designs: an urban chic light silver with a graphite finish; a rose gold design; and a burgundy and ocean blue combo. Check out some of our favorite blenders here.

Air Purifier

Speaking of allergens, wiping down surfaces is not always enough to keep your home allergy-free. Sharp’s new Air Purifier trio includes the KC-G, KC-D and KC-F series, which is geared toward those with asthma and others who have a hard time breathing when seasonal allergies hit. These products aim to keep your environment in the humidity range of 55 to 65 percent. Its filters claim to last for a minimum of two years.

The KC-F version is the most basic one of Sharp’s new air purifiers, covering up to 226 square feet and cleaning the air in as little as 41 minutes. The KC-D can tackle areas of up to 517 square feet with filters that can last up to 10 years.

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