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Eve Systems shows off four new smart home products at IFA 2019

Eve Systems, a Germany-based smart home company with a focus on HomeKit-compatible products, announced four new products at IFA 2019 for the company’s fall and winter lineup: The Eve Extend, the Eve Light Switch, the Eve Thermo, and the Eve Water Guard.

The Eve Extend is a range extender for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices throughout your home. Up to eight devices can connect to the Eve Extend, allowing you to control devices even if they are outside the range of your normal Wi-Fi; for example, a garden sprinkler or a device in the far corner of the basement. You can pair multiple Eve Extends to reach other accessories in different parts of your home. The range extender works on both the 2.4GHz and the 5 GHz frequencies.

The Eve Light Switch is a great solution for people that don’t want to replace all the bulbs in their home but still want smart lights. The Eve Light Switch takes the place of a normal light switch and gives you smart control over the lights on that circuit. Even a multi-switch setup can be controlled just by replacing a single switch with Eve. Once installed, the Eve Light Switch makes it possible to set schedules, simulate someone in the home, and turn the lights on and off with voice control.

The Eve Thermo is a smart radiator valve. The Eve Thermo is an improvement over previous iterations of the device, with a clearer display and quieter controls. The touch controls also provide feedback when used. You can control the Eve Thermo through the app or through Siri and set specific heating schedules for your home. For locations without traditional thermostats, the Eve Thermo is a great alternative.

The Eve Water Guard is a water sensor that helps protect homes against leaks. Though it won’t be available until 2020, the Eve Water Guard is designed to give homeowners instant notifications when a leak is detected. By default, the Water Guard comes with a 4.3 foot water-sensitive cable, but the cable can be extended to cover more ground.

Eve Systems believes in consumer privacy and promises that their devices use no more than the necessary data. According to CEO Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems, “No other smart home platform protects your privacy like HomeKit. That is why we have been uncompromisingly committed to HomeKit, delivering an ecosystem that will never analyze your usage data, share it or send it to a cloud.”

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