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Sharp debuts four new smart appliances, including an ultra-fast dishwasher

Sharp, the household name behind some of the most popular household appliances, has launched their own line of smart products called the Works With Google Assistant and Alexa series. These devices range from a smart oven to one-touch washing machines. Each device does as its name suggests and works with smart assistants, which streamlines the operation of each of these devices to never-before-seen levels.

The first of these devices is the Love2Cook Smart Oven. This is a full-sized oven that can take voice commands directly from Google Assistant and Alexa to activate one of its 10 different programs that include cooking, grilling, and browning different dishes. In addition to these programs, it has over 150 autocooking functions. Just tell it what dish you are making and the Love2Cook Smart Oven will automatically set the time and temperature required. It also has a built-in function called Boost that cuts down preheating times by as much as 50%.

The Smart 4-Door Fridge/Freezer has two separate freezer zones that can be adjusted on the fly. This means you can up the temperature to transform one or both of the freezer zones into fridge zones, which will give you more space for storing groceries. This can be done manually or through voice control.

The 15-Place Setting Smart Dishwasher can be controlled through smart assistants, too, but where it truly stands out is the speed of the cycle: An estimated 14 minutes for a family of four. A feature called IntelliWash automatically determines how much water is needed to completely clean a load of dishes.

The Smart Washing Machine mimics the dishwasher in speed, offering 12-minute loads of laundry. It also has 22 different functions for removing stains, as well as energy-efficient programs that reduce the amount of water and energy used for each load. The most impressive aspect, however, is the NightWash function that can delay the louder parts of the cycle for up to 10 hours. Even during normal operation, you can ask Google Assistant or Alexa to quiet the load so that it doesn’t get in the way of watching television or entertaining.

As Sharp continues to improve its products and introduce more smart home devices, one can only hope that quality of life changes like the quiet washing machine and fast dish loads will continue.

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