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Sharp expands European appliance lineup, including a ninja-like refrigerator

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Ahead of the LivingKitchen appliance show in Cologne, Germany, electronics giant Sharp unveiled a massive new lineup of innovative home gear. Led by a science fiction- and ninja-inspired refrigerator (seriously), the Osaka, Japan-based company also detailed the release of a steam-assisted oven, three new dishwashers, and a highly efficient washing machine. A kitchen and home appliance trendsetter, Sharp’s latest additions are strictly pan-European for now, so anyone living in the United States and are drooling over the announcement will have to wait until they make an official jump across the pond.

So what does science fiction- and ninja-inspired actually mean? According to a companion press release, Sharp’s upcoming five-door refrigerator known as the Karakuri Fridge boasts a similar style of door used to hide ninjas, features a completely hidden water dispenser, and allows owners to customize the exact size of any dispensed ice cubes. Tabbed as the perfect at-home bartending companion — and outfitted with enough available features to consistently keep food cool and fresh — Sharp built the Karakuri Fridge to not just function beautifully but to look stylish as well, available in either cool white or a black and mirror two-tone finish. Did we mention it has more than 758 gross liters of available space? Yeah, it’s big.

Sharp’s steam-assisted oven and black glass dishwasher Sharp

Regarding Sharp’s new steam-assisted oven, the brand hopes to help at-home bakers perfect their cooking prowess by offering an innovative way to brown and crisp dishes without compromising its taste or texture. Perhaps whipping up a recipe entirely on their own isn’t appealing — luckily, the steam-assisted oven features more than 150 auto-cooking options which help prepare anything from Peking Duck to creme brulee. Owners simply select the dish and the oven sets all required timers and temperatures needed to produce the meal. With built-in moisture monitoring, a preheat boosting function, and powerful steam cleaner, Sharp’s oven is a dream add-on to anyone’s kitchen.

Rounding out the announcements were a trio of dishwashers — a 14-place setting, 15-place setting, and built-in variety — and its brand new ThermoJet+ washing machine. While the dishwashers feature a throng of cutting-edge highlights such as high water and energy efficiency, quick washing cycles, and expertly designed washing arms, it’s the ThermoJet+ that rethinks the way a Sharp washer should operate.

Aside from boasting impressive energy efficiency itself, the washer also packs the ability to heat water before filling the drum which allows clothes to be washed at the optimal temperature for a longer part of the cycle. Furthermore, Sharp equipped its aqua blue lining with an antibacterial application which helps defend against E. coli and staph. Maybe someone wants to do a load of laundry at night? With the ThermoJet’s NightWash function, the machine actually delays the noisiest part of a spin cycle for up to 10 hours — i.e., until everyone wakes up.

Though Sharp’s new announcements won’t make an appearance stateside, the innovation central to its lineup can’t be ignored. A consistent player in the appliance industry, Sharp’s latest additions join forces with an already impressive product line.

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