Leaks suggest 5th-generation Core desktop chips can hit 5GHz on air cooling

Excitement is building for what sort of performance we can expect with Intel’s upcoming Broadwell desktop CPUs. Which is why even though the images of a preview “i7-5775C” running at 5GHz on air are unverified, they’re causing quite the stir.

There are of course a lot of caveats with images like these, like the fact that the original pictures from the people that shot them (HKEPC) no longer seem to include the CPUZ screen grabs posted by EXPReview showing the lofty 5GHz frequency. However, that could simply be because the original posters removed them for whatever reason.

If the photos are correct, though, they could point to Broadwell providing better over-clocking potential than its predecessor, Haswell, better known as 4th-generation Intel Core. Those chips caught some flak for reduced over-clocking capability compared to the previous 3rd-generation hardware.

Still, in the ideal scenario where the pictures are entirely real, there’s no way to know if this is mainstream performance or just a lucky sample. If this does turn out to be common performance for the new line of chips, though, overclockers will have a field day once they start using more extreme methods of bringing the CPU’s temperature down to chillier levels.

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly when these sorts Broadwell chips will be made available, nor do we have confirmation that the i7-5775C shown in these pictures is even an official name, though its specifications do sound rather similar to a chip Intel described previously.

We’ll only have to wait a few more months to find it all out, as the new line up isn’t far away. It’s expected at sometime this summer. Buyers should expect a relatively slim line-up of chips, though, because the 6th-generation isn’t far off. That’s expected to arrive around the end of the year.