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Your excuse to buy this 34-inch curved Samsung QHD monitor

The ultra-wide Samsung gaming monitor displaying a rainbow pattern,

Have you always wanted a curved monitor, but never found the excuse to spend that much cash? Forget excuses, just wait for one to drop into a reasonable price range. Right now, thanks to some monitor deals at Samsung, you can get a 34-inch S65UA Curved Monitor with Ultra WHQD resolution for only $500. That’s $200 off its usual price of $700. Grab it before Samsung ends the deal or stock sells out.

Why you should buy the 34-inch Samsung S65UA Curved Monitor

Whether you’ll be working on creative projects, playing video games, or multitasking between several apps, the Samsung S65UA, with its 21:9 aspect ratio and Ultra WQHD resolution, will make sure that you maximize your screen real estate, while showing you sharp details and vivid colors. Compared with straight displays, curved screens can provide a more immersive experience when playing single-player games, reduce glare and reflections, and slightly save on desk space, according to our computer monitor buying guide. The 1000R curvature of the screen on the Samsung S65UA matches the curve of the human field of sight, which not only enhances productivity as you can view everything at a glance, but also reduces eye strain when you’re looking at the screen for long hours.

The Samsung S65UA Curved Monitor supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, which synchronizes the monitor with your computer’s graphics card to eliminate tearing and stuttering, and it comes with the Auto Source Switch feature that displays the signal from new devices that you plug in. It’s equipped with an abundance of ports — namely USB-A, USB-C, HDMI and DisplayPort, and LAN — so you won’t have trouble making the necessary connections for your setup.

You need a display like the 34-inch Samsung S65UA Curved Monitor to give justice to your PC’s processing power, especially if you’ve just upgraded by taking advantage of desktop computer deals or gaming PC deals. It’s on sale from Samsung at $200 off, which makes it cheaper at $500 compared to its sticker price of $700. We’re not sure how much time you’ve got left to buy it at this price, so why leave it up to chance? Add the 34-inch Samsung S65UA Curved Monitor to your cart and check out right now.

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Samsung’s 34-inch Ultra-WQHD monitor is $200 off right now
The ultra-wide Samsung gaming monitor displaying a rainbow pattern,

If you're looking to expand your screen real estate, an ultra-wide monitor is the way to go. Lucky for you, the 34-inch Samsung S65UA just got a $200 discount, bringing the price from $700 down to $500. This is a gorgeous monitor with a lot of great features, so grab it before Samsung's monitor deals end.

The two most obvious features of this monitor are the ultra-wide aspect ratio and the curved screen. The monitor has a 21:9 aspect ration and runs at a resolution of 3440 x 1440. That's not quite 4K, but it is nice and wide. You'll find you have more room to breath when you're doing your daily work, as you basically have two screens worth of space to work with. The curvature of the screen also helps to relax your eyes and neck. When the work day is over and you want to relax with some video games, this monitor has your back. The curved screen and 5ms response time will pull you right into the game, and the 100Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync will ensure you don't get any frame chopping or tearing. At its current price, the Samsung S65UA gives standard gaming monitor deals a run for their money.

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