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Samsung’s MacBook alternative is up to $700 off today

The Galaxy Book4 Ultra open on a wooden suruface.
Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

If you like the idea of the MacBook Air but don’t own any other Apple products or don’t want to be in the Apple ecosystem, then we’re happy to inform you that there are some great alternatives. One example is the Galaxy Book4, which is equally thin and light and can still pack a punch when it comes to processing power. Even better, you can get it for much cheaper than the usual $900 since you get a direct $200 discount that brings it down to $700, plus you can get up to $508 of trade-in credit. So, you could potentially get it for as low as $192, assuming you get the best trade-in value.

Why you should buy the Galaxy Book4

At just 0.61-inch of thickness, the Galaxy Book4 comes pretty close to the thin size of the MacBook Air, so it’s a very portable device, which is impressive since it comes with a larger 15.6-inch screen. Granted, the screen runs at an FHD resolution, which is a bit lower than the MacBook Air, but at that screen size, the difference isn’t that big. Luckily, the keyboard is great to type on, and you can expect up to 15 hours of battery life, which is pretty good too.

Under the hood, the Galaxy Book4 comes with an Intel Core 7 150U, which is a solid mid-to-upper-range processor that is perfect for most people, especially since it will handle day-to-day productivity and even some creativity tasks really well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a discrete GPU, and while you can upgrade to a GeForce MX 570, the configuration doesn’t have a sale on it and will add an extra $400 to the price tag, which isn’t worth it. Luckily, you do get 16GB of RAM, which is excellent, as well as 512GB of storage, which is also pretty good, although you could always supplement that with one of these external hard drive deals, too.

While the Galaxy Book4 may not be one of the best laptops on the market, it’s a solid alternative to the MacBook Air, especially given the discount and trade-in from Samsung that could bring it down to just $192. That said, if you don’t have anything to trade in or want something a little different, then be sure to check out these laptop deals instead.

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