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SanDisk brings SDHC cards to USB 3.0 speeds

High-resolution cameras and video recorders of capturing high-definition 1080p glory might be commonplace these days, but that also means the mammoth files created by these image capture devices are also getting commonplace—and they aren’t getting any easier to manage. Now SanDisk aims to fix the problem with its new SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-I card that can support read and write speeds of up to 45 MB/s—meaning it can keep up with USB 3.0 connections and get those photos, videos, and documents zipped back and forth between portable devices and PCs in record time.

“SanDisk has a long history of developing fast, highly reliable cards for photography enthusiasts and professionals,” said SanDisk director for retail product marketing Susan Park, in a statement. “Our new SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC card lets consumers take their skills to the next level by capturing high-resolution still images, fast-moving action shots, and HD videos of the highest quality.”

The UHS-I cards are designed to work with high-performance photography and video gear, including the enormous RAW images that pro photographers work with every day. SanDisk wrangled the UHS-I card performance with a combination of an intelligent controller and caching features, enabling the controller to predict reads and pre-cache data for improved performance. The card supports the new UHS (Ultra High Speed) Class 1 video rating, meaning it supports transfers of at least 10MB/s, but the capability to support reads and writes at up to 45MB/s makes it ideal for transferring images and video over the increasingly-common USB 3.0 ports showing up on notebooks and desktop computers. And photographers will appreciate that the cards are tough: SanDisk says they’ll stand up to water, temperature extremes, shock and vibration, and even magnets and X-rays.

The Extreme Pro UHS-I SDHC cards are available now and work with any device that supports SDHC cards: they’ve available in capacities from 8 to 32 GB with prices ranging from $100.99 to $299.99. SanDisk is also offering a $49.99 Extreme Pro ExpressCard Adapter designed for use with high-performance SDHC and SDXC cards.

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