Satechi wants to put vital ports on your new MacBook

satechi usb sd hub macbook 519uljvg43l  sl1000

When searching for a utility that converts your 2015 MacBook into a working power station, there are numerous options for accomplishing just that. Among these choices, as 9to5Mac has pointed out, is the Satechi USB-C combo hub, available today.

The hub aims to give MacBook users a means of attaching their storage devices without compromising portability. In a sense, it serves as an extension of the notebook itself, which is different from the ones we’ve seen before, including offerings from OWC and No NDA. At $35, it’s also much cheaper.

Satechi’s hub looks to beautifully complement the unique gold, silver, and space gray aluminum finishes of the MacBook, sweetened by the inclusion of three USB 3.0 ports as well as two SD card slots — one micro and one full-sized.

Unfortunately, while all of this sounds like a dream come true for an everyday MacBook user like myself, it’s completely hindered by the omission of an additional USB-C port for power passthrough. Though it’s certainly a tempting offer, it’s disappointing that you can’t use this accessory while charging your device.

Clearly an oversight on Satechi’s part.

Nonetheless, owners of the Retina MacBook who don’t mind the power passthrough thing can buy Satechi’s hub on Amazon, available in Silver, Gold, and most alarmingly, Gunmetal starting today.

Our own Matt Smith reviewed the MacBook back in May saying that while “it’s beautiful, well-engineered, and cutting-edge,” it’s ultimately a “terrible value,” referring to the price point which exceeds that of the MacBook Pro.