Sony Bond Collection

Sony Electronics is offering you the chance to let your inner 007 have some fun via a promotional tie-in with Casino Royale, the upcoming 21st James Bond film in the 44-year-old 007 movie franchise. This tie-in centers on the Bond Collection, two sets of limited-edition 007-branded models of select Sony gear.

The Bond Collection, as described by Sony, includes special edition models of VAIO TX and UX series laptops, Cyber-shot digital cameras and Micro-Vault storage devices in a special “Spy Gear bundle”. Each product in these two collections (some pieces are also sold separately) feature the 007 logo and are of limited production, coming with a certificate of authenticity to prove this claim. The TX and UX series portables also come pre-loaded with exclusive Casino Royale content including wallpaper and screensavers.

The first Spy Gear bundle sports the VAIO VGN-TX007 laptop, Cyber-shot DSC-T50 digital camera and 1GB Micro-Vault storage device for a price of $3,899. The portable VGN-TX007 weighs 2.76 pounds and measures less than an inch thick. Features on this smart looking laptop include up to11 hours of battery life, integrated wireless WAN technology, a 11.1” WXGA widescreen display and a DVD+R Double Layer/DVD±RW drive.

Sony Bond Collection w/ Sony VAIO
Sony Bond Collection Featuring the Sony VAIO TX-007

The Cyber-Shot DSC-T50 digital camera, meanwhile, has a 3” touch panel display, 7.2 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. These features are joined by super-slim styling, a picture slide-show with on-board music playback, optical image stabilization and a MPEG movie mode. The 1GB Micro Vault offers up USB 2.0 connectivity for high speed file transfers through a retractable USB connector. This flash drive also comes loaded with compression software for better packing of data.

The other Spy Gear bundle being offered for $3,199 is the VAIO VGN-UX007, which is partnered with a Bluetooth GPS receiver as well as the same model DSC-T50 and 1GB Micro Vault as the VGN-TX007 kit. The VGN-UX007 ultra portable PC sports a 4.5” widescreen display, an Intel Core Solo Ultra Low Voltage processor and Microsoft XP Professional. Also on-board this VAIO model is features like various integrated wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WAN, an integrated camera and microphone, an integrated keyboard, biometric fingerprint sensor and control buttons for zooming and scrolling.

Sony VAIO w/ UX1
Sony Bond Collection Featuring the Sony VAIO VGN-UX007


All of this gear needs a home and Sony provides a nice looking carrying case in the form of an aluminum attaché. This stylish case has on its interior custom foam cutouts for the various gadgets and is constructed of black aluminum embossed with the 007 gun logo.

Also included with the two Sony James Bond Spy Gear bundles is an exclusive welcome letter and serialized glass photo certificate that corresponds with the number on the special VAIO TX or UX PCs. More information on all of this Bond gadgetry can be found at Sony’s Web site.


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