Sony VAIO VGN-A217M Laptop Reviewed

Quote from the review:

“Sony’s VAIO A series is the king of cool. Sitting in the middle of the company’s range of multimedia laptops, the VAIO VGN-A217M is a visually attractive system that will suit graphics professionals thanks to its two-tone grey magnesium-alloy enclosure and large 17in. widescreen display. Based on Intel’s Pentium M processor and both built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the VAIO VGN-A217M includes most features a causal multimedia user requires, but will also help to make a professional statement about yourself and your company. Unfortunately, the system is a little slow, its battery life is below par, and it comes with just 64MB of video RAM as standard. In addition, you’ll likely want to spend a little more to a get a higher resolution screen. If value and performance are critical, there are faster and better value systems. Having said that, Sony’s X-black display is in a league of its own.”

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