The SPUD is a unique, collapsible 24-inch monitor on Kickstarter

spud collapsible display large
If you are someone who spends lots of time on the go for work or play, chances are you, at some point or another, find yourself missing the size of your TV or desktop monitor when you are on the road. Enter SPUD, the world’s first collapsible high-resolution monitor.

SPUD (short for spontaneous pop-up display) is designed for individuals who constantly find themselves traveling for work, or with a need to set up larger mobile screens without lugging around full-sized computer monitors. The new Kickstarter project was initially looking to get around $33,000 in funding but has already seen that blown past with 44 days still remaining in the campaign.

spud-display“When expanded, SPUD uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need,” the Kickstarter campaign says. “Either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter, SPUD can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop — no matter where you are.”

This will no doubt be a dream tool for photographers — assuming the resolution and color accuracy are sufficient — and other creative professionals who often have to try and get work done on laptop screens on the go.

The fact that it also folds down into a size no larger than a book is a crazy feat of science and engineering that will also make this the sort of product that a traveling business person could use to increase productivity when having to work out of a hotel room for long stretches of time.

The benefits here are not just for productivity either, with the SPUD being compatible with wireless display technology, you can beam your entertainment content from devices like Roku, Chromecast, among others. One example that comes to mind would be camping. If you are the type to like to bring movies to enjoy out in the wild, this would be a killer accessory.

Those interested in getting in on the ground floor of this one can support the SPUD on Kickstarter for $374. All of the details about the SPUD display can be found here.

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