Wi-Fi glitches, begone: Another Surface Pro 3 firmware update tries to improve stability

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To assert Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has experienced Wi-Fi stability issues since its inception back in June would be a gross understatement. To say Redmond’s been incapable of ironing out the connectivity kinks, delivering flawed fix after fix would also be a slight misrepresentation of the facts.

In truth, MS has updated the Surface Pro 3’s software once a month, every month, for as long as the “laplet” has been around. Yet nothing has completely cleared up persistent Wi-Fi malfunctions, leading some to presume the problem lies in the hybrid’s hardware.

No one can prove that, of course, and Microsoft keeps trying to find a firmware antidote. The newest system update is rolling out over-the-air as we speak, and the changelog includes a hefty section dedicated to “Wireless Network Controller and Bluetooth driver” tweaks.

Apparently, connecting to an 802.11AC network should be more reliable with the patch, which also “enables better throughput after waking from sleep.” Several other very specific Wi-Fi pickles are allegedly solved, although you should probably hold off on that celebratory dance.

Microsoft has promised similar improvements in the past, the words “Wi-Fi connection” and “better throughput” coming up more than once. So it’s best to keep your expectations low. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised for a change.

Fairly small, at under 8MB, the latest Surface Pro 3 firmware upgrade only targets bugs. There are no new functions, no add-ons, no unexpected holiday goodies. Just the above mentioned Wi-Fi optimizations, plus pen settings and home button glitch repairs.

Last but not least, a “scenario” where the device boots to a black screen with McAfee Defense Encryption 7.1.1 installed is a thing of the past, and so are system clock time anomalies with sub-3 percent battery life.

Did anyone experience those mishaps, and thus feels Christmas is coming early, thanks to the firmware update? What about Wi-Fi? Is it all good now, or just as unstable as Mac connections on OS X Yosemite? Sound off your joy and/or frustration below.